Legacy Signature Hippie

  1. Hello there! I saw a bag in Vegas back in December and I can't stop thinking about it. It's the '07 Legacy Signature Hippie #11145. Does anyone out there own this bag, like this bag, have a comment about it, or know where I can get it? Thanks!!
  2. Have you tried calling Coach's toll free number? 1-888-262-6224

    they may be able to help locate one for you.

    or if you visit the outlet, they may be able to locate one in the system for you as well and maybe call you if they receive one in.

    good luck!
  3. Thank you! I called Coach this morning and they do have the bag. It's $398 which will be the most I've ever spent on a bag thus far. So I'm really needing some opinions from anyone who may own one already. I did a search of the tPF site and it looks as if a member named Cverhoff has it. I'm wondering how to chat with her about her thoughts on the bag. Like her, I'm a mother of 2 (girls) and think the cross-body style would be great for daily use. Plus, it's very unique and you just don't see it every day. I just need some TLC before I bite the bullet and order it. I've been obsessing over this since December. Thanks again!!
  4. I have the 2006 legacy and it is way better than the 07 legacy in my opinion!! it has a shorter flap and its at some outlets on sale!!! cant remember how much it would be for you though... maybe around 150-170??
  5. Thanks! What is the item number of your 2006 Legacy?
  6. This is the one I'm considering. Any other opinions, comments, etc. I already have a Medium Carly in the brown color. This is my only Coach at the moment. I just cleaned out my closet and sold a Coach and a Dooney on eBay. I'm just a little unsure of buying another bag in the same exact color combination. I really wish this came in Khaki/Saddle.
  7. Cverhoff, I'd just like to know if you like this bag. It's so cute and I've been thinking about it for a long time so I know I'll have to get it. I'm not a flap kinda gal but it's so unique and you don't see it everywhere. How long did you carry it? Are you regretful of the purchase? Thanks, SueBoo
  8. Here I am!:jammin: First I'll say, this bag is a great bag. I get tons of compliments on it, its great to wear crossbody or as a long shoulder bag. It holds a lot more than swingpacks BUT not as much as a medium bag (say a medium ergo hobo or something like that). So, if you carry a lot, this may not be the bag for you. I would call it a large small bag. If that makes any sense. :rolleyes: The only negative things about this bag is for one the price. I think $400 is really high for this bag. I would maybe order during PCE if you can for the discount to make it more reasonable. The other thing about this bag is the flap. Its not as large as the flap on the Legacy shoulder flap bag (my avatar). It was definitely manageable but I prefer zip tops. NOt sure if that is a factor for you. Hope I helped a little bit! :smile:
  9. Oh thank you for replying. I may PM you when I have that option available to me. I can't figure out why this bag is $400. Or why it was only on display in Las Vegas (from what I've been told). My dear friend told my husband to buy me this for Christmas but she couldn't locate it anywhere. They still have it in JAX even though I've never seen it on the website.

    Can you tell me a little more about the PCE? I don't have a boutique anywhere near me and the outlet is 2 hrs. away. I've only ever bought a Coach from Macy's or on eBay. Do you think if I called up JAX and asked for the PCE discount, they'd give it to me?

    Thanks for being so helpful!! SueBoo
  10. PCE isn't available through JAX and Coach seems to be trying to tighten their PCE back up again.

    I have that bag in the khaki/black combination. I've not used it much as I typically carry a bigger bag, but it's great for crossbody wear when I want to be hands free and don't need as much with me. I tend to agree it has a hefty price tag for what it is.
  11. I don't have this bag but I have had the '06 version and I think it would be a great bag for going out with the Kids. I sold mine on eBay because it was white leather and I just didn't want it to get dirty. If I were you I would keep looking on ebay for an '06 version (whiskey or khaki/black are really nice) so you can save the money.
  12. I'm not sure what the style number is for the leather version (11132?), but I have it and like it a lot. It might be on the heavy side though even when it's empty. The flap isn't an issue like a Shoulder Legacy because the strap makes it easier to access.

    Is the 06 this one?

    Does that make this one the 07?

    If that's not right do you have the style numbers for these purses? Or can you post images from the drilldown? I see Legacy pieces mentioned from other years and I want to know the difference. If I had the style number for the 06 I could call up the outlets and ask about availability.
  13. From what I can tell on eBay...the first one is the '06 (so cute, think I like it better) and the style number is 10325.

    The second one is the '07 and style number is 11132.

    Thank you for all your help. You gals are so helpful!!
  14. sorry i was gone for 3 days :smile: the 06 one is soooo cute only thing it doesnt come in chocolate signature