Legacy Signature Field Bag

  1. I had to share this PCE find because I've never seen it before and thought it was SO cute. I bought it in vegas. This is the drilldown pic because it hasn't been delivered to me yet. It's pretty small, but perfect for quick store runs, etc. I didn't even know it was called the field bag till I got shipping confirmation. Isn't it cute? This is the rust/khaki version, but there's also a version with light brown leather. Has anybody seen it before?


    Also, while I was in Vegas there was a cute, pouch-sized signature stripe tote that the SA told me was a vegas exclusive. It was super cute!
  2. OMG! style number and price please!! I love it!
  3. That is super cute! Yes, price and item number, please!!
  4. The Style # is 10566. It ended up being $148.50 with my PCE discount, so my reverse math tells me that it was $198 to begin with. I could be wrong about that. I don't have the receipt with me at work, but I was so stoked I had to share!
  5. And sorry to say that I don't have the demensions, but it is on the small side. Swingpackish length and width but thicker - like 1-1.5" thick
  6. how small is it? its smaller than the hippie right? is it bigger than a swingpack?
  7. sorry, you posted while I was typing, so it's little huh? hmmmmm, why didn't they make this hippie sized!

    will u post modeling pics when u get it?
  8. Thanks! That is just adorable!! I can't wait to see pics when yours comes! If you don't mind, can you do a modeling pic for us when you get it? I'd love to see how it looks on a person size wise! Very, very cute!
  9. jinx! haha!
  10. Too cute, cant wait to see pics:yahoo:
  11. OOH! That is super cute! Love it!
  12. ooh that is CUTE!
  13. Adorable...and love the rust color! Did you end up getting the light brown one? Love to see it!
  14. Do you know if they make that bag in all leather? Why haven't we seen that one before? It looks like a great cross body bag (something I've been hunting for for some time!)
  15. I will definitely post modeling pics when I get it. It's supposed to be delivered today. I did get it in rust/khaki, although the drilldown pick looks a little more orangey than I remember it being.

    The only other color option I was told about was khaki/khaki, and it looked like this color combo, if I recall correctly:


    They don't have it in leather.

    In terms of the size, I was literally running in and out of Coach when I got it (long story) so I didn't really take the time to get accurate measurements. Definitely smaller than a hippie.

    And I agree, I think it will be a great cross body bag. It has an adjustible belt-like strap so you can make it longer or shorter.

    There was another small cross-body bag there too. Same colors as the one I got, but it was more of a rectangulary boxy shape, and had a turnlock in the front. Didn't get the price b/c I was in such a rush, sorry! But I just looked it up on the drilldown, it's style 10565:


    And, like I said, they had a sig. stripe tote bag that was a pouch size that the SA told me was a Vegas exclusive.