Legacy Shoulder Zip

  1. Legacy Shoulder Zip owners, whats your opinion on the bag? How roomy is it? Do you like the way it looks on, or have any pictures you can show me? I am considering it in Natural.
  2. I love my Zip.... Not sure how well this pic will show up...I have a different wallet in it now as well as the coach chelsea wristlet, phone, keys, makeup etc. Holds alot...at least to me it does, the Shoulder Bag was just too big and heavy for me with nothing in it.
  3. Love your pictures....looks great on you!!
  4. Wow thanks to both of you for being so helpful! Its beautiful and looks like a perfect size for me.
  5. What color are you thinking of getting??
  6. Thanks, Coachnut. :balloon:

    Hey, how is the weather over there on the east side? We're fricking snowed in here in GR!! We've been under blizzard, winter storm and wind chill warnings for two days and pretty much everything is closed - churches, grocery stores, restaurants, malls, etc. The wind chill is between -10 and -20. I don't remember it ever being this bad in the 10 years I've been living here. We tried to venture out yesterday because I ran out of bird seed for the birds outside and everything was closed except Meijer. Thankfully, Meijer is just down the road from our house so we didn't have to go far. :sad:
  7. Mokoni, WOW, my kids want a snow day!! Getting flurries and bitter cold but that is it. You get all that lake effect snow don't you? I think the most snow we have received this year is 3"....
  8. Off topic, but it was freezing cold here yesterday... blowing around pretty bad...

    Coachnut, what does MI consider a "snow day"? LOL... from some of the weather I've seen so far here, IL would have already been shut down! ;)
  9. Our school district and most around the Detroit area consider 4-5 inches of snow overnight, meaning plows had no time to get out, or salt trucks. Or if there is freezing rain. Last year in Dec we had 26" of snow over a 4 week period, this year I don't think we have had 5" ...at least at my house.
  10. :wtf: 26"... oh good grief... We had one snow day in IL last year... and I think it was one of the few days that it actually snowed... It kind of reminded me of yesterday here in MI.

    Oh and regarding the Coach topic ;) , I really like the natural color amanda24! I think its a great neutral, but has its own character!
  11. Thanks Bags4Bubbles! I had really wanted the Shoulder Bag in Pond, and then I saw the Natural color and fell in love. It seems really practical, but like you said still has some character. Now both are on my wishlist...:love:
  12. Sorry, amanda, for hijacking your thread! I, too, think that the natural color is awesome. If you get one, please be sure to post photos because I'd love to see it!! :yes:
  13. It's a great everyday bag, though I have to be honest and say that it doesn't fit my normal wallet (MBMJ Softy Zip Clutch). But hey, that's what skinnies & wristlets are for right?

    I realized my pictures of the inside of my purse don't really give you any depth perception so you can't tell just how much room is left. For reference, yesterday I put my cell phone, my keys, a pack of kleenex, and a pair of socks (I was shoe shopping!) above all that you see in there. (Yes, including the water bottle!) So yes, quite roomy. Most would trade in that water bottle for the make up so I'd say it'd work for MOST people in terms of size.

    (And sorry for the caustic flash on the second. Without the flash I couldn't see what was inside).

    link a dink to the pictures
  14. Wow! You packed a lot of goodies in there yesterday! :yes: