Legacy Shoulder Zip! Which one to choose?

  1. Ok so I'm watching two Legacy Shoulder Zip bags and they both have something wrong with them...

    1st one:

    Ends in 30min is at $56.00 and doesn't come with the hangtag and medallion, has a snag on the bag and the leather in places is scratced.

    2nd one:

    Ends in 40 min is at $38.00 and HAS hangtags and medallion but is missing 1 turnlock, and the inside lining has rub off from black accents- but picture looks ok.

    Which should I go for?

    I know it costs $20 for Coach to repair the turnlock if they will. And I know you can get a hangtag for free but not the medallion...

    Any adivice?


    Also, where did all the freakin' members go? It's dead in here!

  2. Less than 20 min! HELP
  3. I'm no expert when it comes to Coach, but based on your description, I'd go with the second one because scratched leather would really get to me.
  4. I don't *think* Coach can fix the turnlock. Based on past posts, it seems to be hit or miss in terms of them being able to fix it or just sending you a credit.

    If all else fails, I'm sure any repair place can replace the turnlock.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  5. So I kinda won the first one... For 102.

    :sad: IDK I think I might try for the second too.

    Or not... The second one went for $78... Not bad.

    Someone told me Coach does fix them as long as they are not marked Final Sale inside and it's $20 for a new turnlock or they will tell you where to call to get a new one and put it on your self. So IDK as long as the leather isn't THAT bad I think I got a good deal...

    I'm going to have to call about a hang tag but IDK what to do about the medallion...
  6. I saw the first one (CONGRATS!). CS should be able to send you the replacement tag/medallion. I've had to order replacements before and have gotten the correct tag, although some people have not.
  7. I read that they don't send the metal medallion only the tag and yeah sometimes it isn't right...

    Do you think I got a good deal? I mean they retail for $278 and as long as it isn't TOTALLY scratched up I think it's ok...
  8. Thanks but the one I won has the turnlock, the 2nd one didn't. Mine is missing tags and has some scratches...
  9. IMO you chose the better of the two. :yes: I don't like the sound of the black color transfer to the interior. Snip that tiny pull off with sharp scissors and you'll forget it was even there. ;)
  10. Yeah, you got one heck of a good deal @ $102 :tup: You can more than lively rub out those scratched on the leather, especially with a moisturizer. If you live near a Coach store, try calling them and see if they have any extra medallions/hangtags. I can't recall what thread it was, but someone (I believe an SA) mentioned that their store carried extras since the hangtags fall off sometime.
  11. Yeah I;m just concerned about the scratches... but I guess I'll see when it gets here.

    Like 5 min before the 2nd one ended I was thinking of getting it too since it was going to be cheap and then selling the one I didn't like once they both got here.

    Well I was texting my BF like a gillion times to see whether or not I should because of our money situation, just making sure he wouldn't be pissed. LOL Ansd he texted me back like 5 min after it ENDED saying yeah you should get it!

    I'm like DOH! I hate you!


    That always happens...
  12. You really got a great deal! Congrats!
  13. I just recieved my Legacy Shoulder Zip today! It is like PERFECT! IDK what scratches they were talking about but the only thing I see that was right was the tiny tiny snag on the bag and the medallion and hangtag missing! But it's really pretty! And it's really a great size! I thought it would be smaller...

    Here's some pics...From my phone... LOL

    My hand looks huge.. LOL




    What do you think???
  14. I think you bought the perfect bag! honestly - missing hangtag/medallion and a few scratches on leather are NOTHING compared to broken/missing turnlock. people would notice a broken turnlock, but not the other things!

    great buy! enjoy it!