Legacy Shoulder vs. Ali Bag

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  1. Thinking about a "new" handbag for Christmas. I need to start dropping hints to my husband. Which one do you think...Legacy Shoulder (rose) or Ali (whiskey) bag in leather. I love them both.

    [​IMG] vs. [​IMG]
  2. It's a hard call because the Ali is so much bigger and has a longer strap so it is carried lower under the arm. It depends on how much you carry and how you like to carry a bag.

    I went with the hippie because the Ali was too big for me and the shoulder bag's strap wasn't long enough for my taste, but between those two, I'd go for the Ali in whiskey.
  3. Thanks...Happy Holidays.
  4. yeah...definitely the ali. i tried on the shoulder bag and the strap was way to wide for me or something...not comfortable at all.
  5. They are both great bags! I went with the Ali because it is bigger (I need big bags) and the strap is an inch or two longer.
  6. i like them both but i tend to go with bigger bags.
  7. So, Bag Me, which one did you choose?
  8. ^^ I understand your dilemma, I can't decide either! I guess it depends on what you usually carry, you do't want to get something too big, or something too small.