Legacy Shoulder Still Available???

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  1. I decided to make my next bag a leather Legacy but I was thinking the Satchel is just too big (& pricey) but I don't see the Shoulder bag (#10328) on Coach.com anymore... am I missing it? If it's not in the Boutique can they order it for me or am I out of luck!?!:sweatdrop:
  2. i'm pretty sure it's still available. what color did u want?
  3. I'd love it in Whiskey... but I'd settle for Natural...
  4. I just ordered mine in pond 3 days ago. They are still there. Just give them your style # and they'll tell you which colors they have available.
  5. Yes, still available. Pre-ordered the pond today.
  6. hope you get one/ i'm pretty sure you will
  7. When I did my PCE pre-order today, the SA called and she was told the only color avail was Pond.
  8. whiskey in the shoulder bag is long gone, i tried to get it about 2 months ago and was told by my SA that it was sold out nationwide. i walked into nordstrom 5 minutes later and got the last one on the shelf, right after i returned the shoulder bag to coach in natural (too light for me), and the brown back to macys. i just really wanted the whiskey and i am totally in love with that bag:heart:
  9. I have a quick update for everyone!

    Even though I think I've gotten a PCE card, I went ahead and called and ordered a pond legacy shoulder bag because I've been coveting it for a LONG time. And it was worth paying full price!

    When I called, I was asked which color!!!

    There are literally a handful of pool, rose, white, and natural left.

    (FYI, apparently the new tenant at my old apartment got my PCE card.)

  10. WHAT!?!??!! Arrrrrrrgh...I friggin CALLED a week ago when I had the money to buy my long wished for natural and was told there was only pond, white and rose!!

    Now my friggin money's GONE and I'm not expecting it anytime soon *sob*. I'm boycotting darnit.:cursing:
  11. Glad you were able to get one in pond, its a great color! I love the whiskey color and hope they bring it back at some point.
  12. Truely how versatile is the Pond color? I'd want to make sure I'll be able to use it for everyday if I can't get it in Natural.
  13. Man!!!!!! I wanted one in BLACK!!!!!!
  14. Update: Went to my Boutique at about 2pm today... there are NONE left, in ANY color. I ended up pre-ordering the Legacy Satchel in Natural instead... God I'm burning in Handbag Hell for spending so much!
  15. I will be receiving mine (pond) tomorrow. I really think it will go with everth thing I have. In my area I've seen it on quite a few girls wearing so many different style from jeans and t's (my style) to business outfits in all colors and it just looks super. Thats why I decided on pond:graucho: