Legacy Shoulder modeling pics

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  1. Upon request here are some modeling pics of my new Legacy Shoulder Bag in walnut. I'm 5'5'' and it's just the perfect size for me. It holds everything that I "need" for a long day at work. Sometime soon I'll show you its contents. I personally wouldn't want a bigger bag. For a night out I usually carry one of my smaller purses. To me this bag was one of the greatest inventions ever. :dothewave:

  2. I have the '06 shoulder bag and find that it fits everything I need. I agree with you...no need for anything bigger. For me anyway :smile:

    I can't wait until my sunburn goes away so I can use mine again!

    Enjoy her! She's a great everyday bag!
  3. it looks great on yoU!
  4. Wow, thanks so much for posting these pics! I am seriously considering buying one of these myself, and after seeing your pictures I think I am going to go for it! It looks really good on you as well!
  5. I am with you. I have this bag and I love it! It is the perfect size for me! And you look so good with yours! (And you are so skinny!)
  6. She and you look great
  7. She looks great on you! There's just something about that yummy Legacy leather :yes: Thanks for sharing the pics!
    I have a shoulder bag in Camel and unfortunately it was too small for me so I got the Lily in the same color. But the shoulder bag is still in my closet with tags on because I can't bring myself to get rid of it :nogood:
  8. Great pics! :cutesy: She does seem to be the perfect size! Congrats on the find!
  9. I have the same bag - but wish I was as slim as you! Congrats!
  10. Thank you, girls! Go for it, MCAddict! :woohoo: :yes: It sits perfectly on your shoulder.
  11. I wish I had your shape, but at least I can have a bag to match yours. :biggrin:
  12. I think Im going to go for it! Your pictures really persuaded me to get one, it just looks perfect!
  13. thanks for the pics!!!!!! i love love her. she looks big! maybe cause your so skinny!!! is there any fellow "fluffy" girls out there that have this??? lol. seriously though.....
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  15. bdp= pics pics please!!! :cool: and whats your HG you finally got?!?!