Legacy shoulder in white or rose?

  1. I went to order some things today and couldn't decide what color legacy shoulder I want. I was hoping they could find me a whiskey but there was none. I am leaning towards white but I am afraid it will get dirty. Will it be easy to clean?

    Or should I get rose?
  2. i love the rose, its so beautiful in real life! i was at the wrentham outlet and a lady had one who was next to me in line, and i had to apologize for staring so long at the bag...its like its mesmorizing!
  3. I like the white better (I have the shoulder zip in this color.) Have you thought about the natural color instead?
  4. I have a rose colored bag , its a braided strap hobo and I find it easy to keep clean , to me white would be too hard to keep clean

    which one are you referring to ? I can't seem to find the rose colored one
    Is it this one ?
  5. ^^Yeah!

    Is the natural a nice color? I considered it. I haven't seen it in real life though.
  6. I'd go for the rose too. Lovely color!

  7. The natural is really pretty IRL, but if I had the chance, I think that I would get the rose.
  8. Rose sold out. You may be able to order a bag that might be a return.
  9. ^^When they say it's sold out is that from the distribution center or in stores too?
  10. I adore my rose bag!
  11. I'd go with either White or Pond. I have a Whiskey one already and just ordered Pond (which will go really well with jeans).