Legacy shoulder in Pink?

  1. Does anyone have one? I went to a Coach store today and they had one and it was SOOO cute and took all of my will to not buy it. I just got my Whiskey one and I LOVE the style, but I don't think I've even seen a pink one before so I'm all giddy now! they were trying to get me to try it on and everything, SO CRUEL! If I got it I'd have to sell my melon and green Tano Jet Setters and I THINK I'd be okay with that, not sure yet... Do you think I should get it? :graucho:
  2. better get it before its gone!

    i checked the inventory, and only a few stores have it, it's not orderable, on Jax. and my store hasn't seen that since we've sold out of it...oh..in october!

    so yes. if you love it get it. it's not a color that's going to be around much longer. i'm surprised other stores have it.

    hehe. tell them to send it over my way so i can sell it! i know some customers who wants it in rose.
  3. Augh man I WISH I had the money. It's sooo cute! At this point all I can afford is a wristlet. MAybe it'll still be there when I've saved up... Maybe. >_>
  4. I'm with you I love love love the Dusty Rose. One just sold on eBay yesterday for under $300 (I think). If I had the funds I would have snagged that baby right up.
  5. 300 is a great deal1 I might keep an eye on eBay for that. I got my Whiskey Shoulder for 345 on eBay so maybe I can get lucky again!