Legacy Shoulder in Brown

  1. I love this bag!!!!
  2. I saw it this morning! I just got my Pond shoulder delivered yesterday and the bag ROCKS!! I love it almost as much (perhaps as much) as my Legacy satchel. I was surprised that they were selling Legacy stuff through Macy's though!
  3. I noticed this when browsing macy's online. I really like the color.
  4. Does anyone have a picture of the POND color???
  5. i love that chocolate/dark brown color!!
  6. I have called Coach 1-800 recently about this and found out from them that you can order the Ali, the shoulder bag, and some of the legacy wallets in the new brown color. Not sure why they're not on coach.com, but if you just give your SA the style number they should be able to order things for you.
  7. Thanks for the info!
    The color of this bag is gorgeous!
  8. I was at Macy's last week and saw it at the Coach counter. Very nice!
  9. I posted a pic of mine awhile back - do a search for "shoulder bags" and it should come up.
  10. Meh I don't like this color as much as the others. It just seems a little "bla" to me.. Maybe it looks better in person!
  11. It looks TONS better in person. It's a very rich, yummy color. I must have something in brown. :drool: :drool:
  12. Ohhh then I might have to pop into my local Coach and see if they have any I can take a peek at. ;)
  13. Definitely! I posted a bunch of pictures recently on the difference between the whiskey and the brown. Here's the post (I ended up returning the satchel, btw):


    The color is just SO yummy!! :drool: :drool: