Legacy Shoulder in Brown... opinions!

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  1. So, a couple days ago I found this fabulous deal on Ebay for a Legacy shoulder in whiskey and bought it. The seller wrote me this morning and said it was actually brown and listed it wrong and gave me the option of buying it or not. I'm just wondering how much of a difference there is between the whiskey and the brown. It was only $260, and I'd like to hear some opinions before I decide... thoughts?
  2. I think there's a big difference, it just matters if you're dead set on the whiskey or not
  3. I agree, if you have your heart set on whiskey, you may not love the brown.
  4. ^ Ditto! There is a HUGE difference. The whiskey is more of an orangey brown and the brown is more of a "muddy" brown. Don't get me wrong the brown is really pretty, but is a totally different color than whiskey.
  5. It's a big big difference. I have the brown Ali and the brown is a dark, bomber jacket type of brown. Personally, I love the brown but if you really want the whiskey, this brown won't do.

  6. I just wanted one in the brown family. I've heard raves about the whiskey, and just wanted to see the opinions on the brown.
  7. I really like the brown --
  8. I have never seen whiskey irl, but I really like the brown.

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  9. I like the brown better than the whiskey because the whiskey has an orangey shade to it. $260 is a FABULOUS deal! But if you were set on the Whiskey, everyone's right, that's what you should get. The brown is absolutely stunning though. You could ask the seller to go ahead and complete the transaction and give you the option to return it if you don't care for the colour?
  10. I am partial to the whiskey, but I think the brown is fantastic as well. There is a big difference, so it's all in a matter of your taste....
  11. I think I'm going to go ahead and get it. If I don't like it, then I'll resell it and get a whiskey. Thanks for everyones opinions!
  12. Good decision. Be sure to post pics when you get it:smile:
  13. I actually like the brown more than the whiskey.
  14. Good decision! Post pics when you get it! :yes:
  15. Good choice. Personally, I prefer the brown to the whiskey. Can't wait to see pics!