Legacy Shoulder Cotton Tote

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get this tote?


    I think the style number is 7473. It's very important that I find it because it's for my boss. Just wondered if anyone can help?
  2. That bag came out last summer, and is very hard to find now. I don't think the outlets have even had it for awhile. Probably the only place would be eBay. There are a lot fakes in that style though, so be careful and please post in the authentication thread.
  3. I think I saw one on eBay not too long ago. But I agree with juniormint. Post in the authenticate this thread if you find one. Good luck!
  4. ohhhh I love being sent on Missions! After I eat much lunch I will help you track one down. Have you already called the 800 number?
  5. Actually, I did call the 800 number. They have it and I am going to order it today!
  6. I swear they keep a handful of bags! Congrats on finding one!!
  7. You know those websites where you can borrow bags and then return them. Well, I found this one website Frombagstoriches.com redirect page that had it and they were willing to sell it to me for $325. I just didn't trust that it was new. Plus if I don't like the one I ordered from Coach atleast I can return it and get my money back. So it was worth the extra money. Dontcha think? :shrugs:
  8. Wow, that's great! Definitely worth the money to buy directly from Coach.
  9. Wow! That's awesome that you found the bag! Yes, buying direct from Coach is better IMO.
  10. What do you think my boss should use as a wallet? I can't seem to find a wristlet or wallet to match. There are a couple of the legacy clutch's that are the same style but in neutral and yellow. I just email coach to ask if they still have the clutch in chocolate. Please help if you have any suggestions. :sad:
  11. I have the cataloge from when that bag was out and they have a few matching pieces. I will look them up tomorrow. If I forget, pm me!
  12. Cool! Thanks Kiari!
  13. haha, how funny! if i had only scrolled down i would have found this and answered my own question.

    is it obvious that i am new to this board?

  14. ^^ LOL! Welcome to the board! Glad you found the answer to your question too!

    HBA: What color is that on the tote? Is it a dark brown or black? Hard for me to tell. If the accessories aren't available what about a black or brown leather wallet? I bet there's something with the brass accents on it. I'll have to go check out coach.com to see! (good excuse to go drool over Coach stuff!) Also, what about a combination of a wristlet and mini skinny?
  15. I'm not HBA, but I have the Cotton Legacy Hobo - it's a chocolate brown. There was a small wallet that coordinated with the line. I'll see if I can find my old catalog and get a style number.