Legacy Shoulder Bags (pics)

  1. well, since wed are showing off the legacy at the outlets, i picked up these two babies for $143 each. retail of $398. i got the black one on pce and paid $300 but returned it and totally regretted and stalked them on eBay. so i am so excited that i got two of them today for the price of one on pce. i totally love the whiskey too because it is different and it pops out.. (the color)
  2. 143!!!!! I am gonna pass out!

    Congrats!!!! I wish I could get my hands on one!
  3. OMG ^^^ no kidding!

    Gorgeous bags!
  4. You were able to use PCE at the outlet???
  5. no pce....i used pce i think during the summer and returned the bag.
  6. I am sooooo jealous!!! :nuts: Man I wish I could beam myself to one of those outlets!!! :cry:
  7. i think i can finally use the legacy striped wristlet that i have hidden in my closet...lol.. it totally matches the interior~
  8. Beautiful bags! I'm glad you got in on this great sale too!!! Not to shabby for the Castle Rock outlets :wlae:
  9. i know right, we were probably there at the same time wander. now i need to figure out which charms to use
  10. Me too! I need to get some brass ones!
  11. gorgeous!!! wow, so those prices of $143 are just from the great deal at the outlet....no pce or any personnal coupons???? So they were marked down and some additional off???? I must call the Gulfport, MS outlet in the morning!! Any Legacy Wallets???????????
  12. What is the style number? and size? Thanks :flowers:

  13. Wow! Fabulous bags at an outstanding price! Congrats on a great deal!!
  14. Must have black shoulder bag..... :drool: :drool:
  15. Such gorgeous bags at an unbelievable price :yahoo: Congrats & enjoy them!