Legacy Shoulder Bag vs. Medium Leather Carly


Which bag would you buy???

  1. Brown Legacy Shoulder Bag

  2. Medium Black Leather Carly

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  1. If you could choose one which would you prefer, the brown legacy shoulder bag or the medium black leather carly???

    Is the shoulder bag bulky?
  2. Those are both on my list! But if I could only get one, I'd go with the Legacy shoulder in whiskey/natural. I have it in pond and it's a wonderful bag. It is not a bulky bag but it's definitely a shoulder bag. It doesn't look as good carried in the hand.
  3. The legacy shoulder's a great bag.
  4. If you'd have said camel carly, I would have voted for it since it's a gorgeous bag with a beautiful yellow lining! But I'm not as thrilled with the black carly, IMHO. The leather on the Carly is so soft though! The shoulder bag is a very nice bag, nice and room plus the lining is fantastic! Either bag is a fabulous choice though!
  5. I chose the Legacy. That bag is georgeous.
  6. I saw legacy too! Both are beautiful but I think the legacy has a little more pow!
  7. I have the large leather Carly in black and I absolutely adore it. The leather is great and the hardware and straps give the bag great "architectural interest". It just hangs so nicely from my shoulder. I am sure the medium would be very similar. I don't own that Legacy bag but it's a beauty. :smile:
  8. i have a medium leather carly and a sig legacy shoulder and must say i get compliments on the latter.
  9. Voted for the Legacy, all of the bags from that line are gorgeous!
  10. Ivoted for the Legacy. I'm not a huge Carly fan for some reason. I just went to the website to see what the brown shoulder bag looks like and there aren't any Legacy Leather shoulder bags on there right now.
  11. I love the shoulder bag but the strap is just way to short for me.
  12. The brown legacy shoulder can be seen on Macy's.com
  13. my vote is for the legacy because i prefer the legacy leather to carly leather