Legacy Shoulder Bag ... Sig or Leather?

  1. I finally need to get one of these bags, now help me decide, whiskey leather ... or chocolate sig? Anyone have pics of any of these to compare?

  2. wow girl you are getting them all aren't you?!?! :roflmfao: Lucky!!! :graucho:
    As far as leather/siggy the whiskey will scratch and scuff but can be blended back and is meant to be that way.. water and things will affect it because it is the legacy leather.. I am sure someone here has some pics to share or you can try a search if you haven't already!!! :tup: Which bags are you getting first?
  3. I just bought this one today. I went back and forth between the two but I thought the Sig one was a little too busy looking for a smaller bag. I think the Sig looks better on a bag without pockets maybe...like the Carly.

  4. Choc sign has my vote!!!
  5. LOL, well ...

    I am getting a shoulder bag, something in the brown optic (Chelsea line), and I would really like to find an Abbie too ..... :heart: Thought about the Carly or Leigh but I don't want to spend the $ on the Leigh right now, would rather get another bag with the difference ... and not sure on the Carly, I know it's popular but I am not feeling it ... now everyone don't throw things at me for that! Haha, that could change, too!
  6. I love that whiskey leather ... but I do want the shoulder bag to be durable as I will use it a lot ...
  7. My vote goes to CHOCOLATE SIGNATURE!!!!!!! It's soooooooooooo YUMMY!! Let us know what you decide!!!
  8. I've read that the whiskey legacy leather is one of the colors that scratches the most. I have a juniper legacy shoulder bag waiting for me for Christmas, and I hope the leather holds up. I love the legacy look, but hate it when a bag looks old and weathered, so I'm not sure if this is going to be the right bag for me. I'll decide when i get to play around with it after Christmas. I had the Legacy shoulder in chocolate and exchanged it (stupidly!!) for a Bleeker that I wound up not liking at all, which turned into my Leigh! Very happy with the Leigh, but the choc legacy shoulder was really nice too.
  9. i have the '06 legacy shoulder in whiskey and its my fave bag!
    it stays on my shoulder, any scratches buff out w/ my finger and i've never had water spots from rain...and i use it in the rain! the color has deepened too. its totally durable and imo it doesn't scratch easily.
  10. I have the Leigh in Whiskey. I have scratched it a couple of times but rub it and it's gone! :wtf:...I also bought the shoulder bag in black leather. I love the leather much more than the signature. I do have a khaki signature bag from a couple of years ago and it seems to get more dirty than my leather bags.
  11. I think the Legacy shoulder bag definitely looks best in leather!! ^_^

    I'm wanting one in clay!!
  12. It only makes sense to me to have legacy bags in leather. The legacy leather is the best imo. I'm thinking about getting the shoulder bag in black leather myself. It's a great bag.
  13. If you are thinking about it you should go to Nordstrom. They are having their half yearly sale and I got it for about 50% off! :tup: