Legacy Shoulder Bag or Sig. Multi Stripe tote?

  1. I just sold my Legacy Shoulder because I did not care for the color. I love the style of the bag but in black, white or whiskey. I'm also loving the Sig. Multi Stripe tote #10859 because of the style and also I really like tote bags.
    I can only get 1 right now and I noticed that Multi Stripe tote is really hard to find on eBay. It will be my last bag for a few months. I stupidly sold off most of my Coach Collection and all I have is a Hamptons Weekend Tote in Blue. Which one will be harder to find later? Thanks for your help!
  2. Sounds like you really have your heart set on the sig. multistripe tote. It does carry a bit more and are becoming fewer and farer between, as is the legacy shoulder.
    If you like I'll take a look on e-bay for you and post some links to the multistripe tote it the eBay finds thread. You might get a pretty good deal.
  3. Oh,
    forgot to mention. This is my sig. multistripe shoulder tote. Im not sure if you've seen this style but its way comfy on!
    Ebay Pics 030.jpg
  4. Thank you! I love the style of the shoulder tote too....so cute and comfortable to carry. There are actually 3 that I see on eBay for the tote from a reputable seller. Both bags seem like they will be hard to find soon.....I'm so conflicted! The Legacy is a good investment bag...yipes, I can't decide!!!
  5. ^^
    True, they will eventually be harder to find items. I say just sleep on it or maybe take a poll here and have all of your fellow Coach girlies help ya out. When I cant make up my mind thats what I do.
  6. Good idea! Thanks :smile:
  7. /FYI, I saw the multi-stripe tote in the clearance bin at Nordstroms a couple of days ago & someone else mentioned the same thing on another thread (just in case you don't want to buy off of eBay).
  8. I love the Legacy shoulder bag, I have it in black signature and it's my favorite bag. But the multi-stripe is so fun! I can tell it's going to be one of those styles that people hunt for, for years. I wish I hadn't sold my multi-stripe demi!
  9. Now you are REALLY making me want it! I hate making decisions like this...why can't I just have both? I may have to call my generous Auntie....she usually will come through on situations like this!
  10. Okay...I bought the Multi Stripe! I figured that I may want one of the new Legacy bags that are coming out :smile:
  11. Post pics!
  12. They only had 7 multicolored stripe left 1 week ago in JAX. If you want it, get it quickly!