Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey Going Away?

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  1. Recently I had to take my legacy shoulder bag in whiskey back to the Coach store because of a pulled thread. The SA at the store told me I could exchange it or have it send in for repair. I wanted to exchange it, however, she said that it was no longer available and could not be ordered. I ended up having her send it in for repair, so I still have my fingers crossed for that.

    BUT... my question is.... is the Legacy Shoulder Bag in whiskey going away? The SA there told me that it was a limited item and they are no longer making it in whiskey anymore. Is this true? Because on coach.com I see you can still order it. What gives?
  2. I haven't heard that yet, of course pf is my info source. I did notice that online the color Natural has been added as well as the pond for the shoulder bag.
    But my question is, if you can still order it online, why wouldn't they exchange it for you?
    Anyway, I hope it works out for you!
  3. Honestly, I don't know. :sad: At the time she told me that it was no longer available and could not be ordered. She said my only option was to have it sent in for repair. So I did that. But then when I got home and checked Coach.com, I saw it was still available. :shrugs:
  4. Well, I hope it returns to you good as new! Its a great bag.
  5. Thank you! I'm going through withdrawal. Heck, I started going through withdrawal the second I walked out of the store without it! :sad: I'm just so worried about it, because the SA there told me that some purses that they can't repair are not returned to the customer. I'm on pins and needles! I'm sure though that they'll be able to repair something as small as a pulled thread. Or at least I'm hoping. :s

    So, until I get my beauty back, I'll be :crybaby:

    Here's handbag madess for you - I'm still considering buying that same bag online just to have a backup. I can't help it, I ADORE that bag! :drool:
  6. I have it and love it too. I would probably be contemplating ordering one as well. Did they give you a time frame on it?
  7. I want this bag in Whiskey too but I have to wait until end of January! PRAYing it is still available. I really dont understand why they couldn't just order you a new one if it is available online? I would call Coach and ask about that.
  8. omg, now on the site when you pull up the page it is SHOWN in "Natural" and you can click to see whiskey? So confusing
  9. I saw that! It's a bit weird. I really do prefer the whiskey over the natural color. :yes:
  10. no, whiskey is not going away. i doubt it ever would, but if so, not now.

    i did the floorset and whiskey is definitely a part of it; but when the SA said it can't be ordered anymore it simply means they've ran out. keep in mind the ali and the shoulder bag are the best sellers within the legacy line-- and whiskey is the best selling colors.

    is your store flagship or pinnacle? because i think they're being "condensed" into those stores, my store still had whiskeys but now they're off the floor, and that's what happened to the parchment and vermillion in signature stripes, they weren't "deleted" but sent to flagship/pinnacle stores because they were the best sellers, and the quanities are limited.
  11. Well, I called the 800 line and they said they were sold out and not making them anymore in whiskey.

    I called my stores and only 1 out of 3 even had the display left. They said they also could not order it.

    So What do I do.....I went and got the 1 last display :yahoo: Luckily it was in great condition.

    I was told by The SA at the store that Whiskey is going away.
  12. Thanks for the info Ms-whitney! I really hope the whiskey doesn't go away. I am in total :heart: with that color. It's TDF!

    I'm not sure if my store is flagship or pinnacle. How would I be able to tell?
  13. :sad: I really hope this isn't true!! :crybaby:
  14. That's such a great color though! Please say it isn't so!