Legacy Shoulder Bag in Signature or leather?

  1. Yesterday, was at Scottsdale Fashion square. They have the Legacy store and could not decide on the signature or the leather shoulder bag. I have one signature all black, lg hobo Coach bag now. It's tone on tone, with snakeskin.
    I have a few questions:
    The inside of this purse is very beautiful..is it hard to keep clean? I am afraid ink from a receipt would ruin it! lol. or God forbid, lip gloss.
    I am just torn between the signature or the leather in whiskey..what do you all think? Thanks!

    thats the signature shoulder


    thats the leather in whiskey

    Thanks and sorry if this is so long. I used to be a member a while back but I no longer have aol. But thanks for welcoming me aboard!
  2. LEATHER!! It is wonderful....
  3. my vote is for the signature...but I'm a sig. gal and haven't gotten to see the Legacy leather in person yet.
  4. Honestly, they are both beautiful. It really depends on which you like better. In the shoulder bag style, I prefer the leather because it seems kind of busy with the signature fabric and the pockets - this would be minimized with black on black, though. But on a lot of other styles, I really like the signature fabric better (I just bought the Legacy Hippie bag in signature fabric).

    I like the Legacy bags in the khaki/ebony fabric combination because then they coordinate with either brown or black outfits!

    The inside is actually tougher than I expected it to be. I keep any cosmetics in a separate case or wristlet, but the stripe fabric hasn't run or snagged or stained for me yet.

    No matter which you decide on, though, it is a beautiful bag.
  5. They are both beautiful, but i am a signature girl as well so that is my fav.
  6. I just bought a signature legacy shoulder bag, so my vote goes to that :smile:
  7. I just got the Sig one as well, and LOVE it. I have the smaller shoulder zip in white. But I just HATE that whiskey color. I think I may be the only one. LOL.

    I should also add I am a BIG fan of the khaki sig. It's practically my whole collection.
  8. I vote whiskey leather all the way. I'm not a big fan of Coach signature. The inside of my Legacy shoulder bag is doing alright, though the white stripe does look a bit dirty near the zipper (and I'm very careful with my bags).
  9. i myself went for the signature.
    although i got the shoulder flap.
    i got black however.

    but as for your style, i think the leather would look great.
    the shoulder flap in leather was too leather-y. lol (if that makes sense)
  10. Leather! The leather for the legacy collection is lovely!
  11. hmm this is a tough one.. im not a fan of leather but the legacy leather is an exception =] i say leather =]
  12. leather!!
  13. Leather-it's timeless as it is more durable and subtle!:yes:
  14. definitely leather!!! my friend has the signature one and it's not that great irl.
  15. I just got it in the whiskey leather and I am a total signature girl, but the whiskey just spoke to me! You will make the right call for you though.