legacy shoulder bag in pond gone?

  1. i just saw they took it off the web. so i immediately called to order it. the cs person said they had about 3 in Cali so i should get one in 4-5 days.

    that was close
  2. WOW.... I can't believe all the leather shoulder bags are off the site now. :crybaby:
  3. I went to the Flagship store in Dallas the other day and they were out. They had to order it for me from another store in Houston! It's soooooo gorgeous though and I'm glad I got it when I did!!
  4. can't wait to get mine now!
  5. So, does this mean that they aren't going to make any more of that style or will they introduce it again with new colors in the fall?
  6. good eye, lisa! post pics when you get yours!
  7. How much are/were these bags? I DESPERATELY WANT ONE:drool::crybaby:, but don't know how much is too much to pay (like IF I find one on eBay)??? Do you think they'd have these (or ever get them) at the Outlets???
  8. I think there's only ONE on eBay right now.. they retailed for $398
    I am so glad I got one.. I hope all of you who are looking are able to find one!!
    Oh they did have one in las vegas store the other day (Sunday) -- you could try calling there? It was at the one at Caesars Forum shops in the NEW part (believe it or not there are 2 Coach stores in the Forum shops now)
  9. Thank you for the price info. It's good to have something to go off of. I am currently watching the ONE on Ebay - starting price is $399. I just have to decide how badly I want this - I am sure it won't end with just ONE bid. We'll see!
  10. Have you tried calling Coach? Or try the Las Vegas store? It would be a sure thing if they have it :smile:
    It would suck at the last minute if the auction went up to $500 when you could've ordered it for $398+tax today... (assuming they still have one)

    Good luck and I really hope you find one.. it's a gorgeous bag.
  11. True! I'll try to call! Wish me luck!!

    Here's a question: which do you think is more versatile/timeless: Legacy Shoulder Bag in Pond or Whiskey?!?!? I would :heart:LOVE:heart: to have either!!!!!!!!! Why are they not available anymore?!?! That is such a bummer. :crybaby:
  12. Whew, that was close. :sweatdrop: Your a lucky girl, good thing you called! I love that color so much. Congrats, please post pix once you get it.
  13. I think the bag is versatile/timeless in either color. The Whiskey might be slightly more versatile, but that blue is TDF! I totally felt like calling and ordering one...just reading that they only have so many left made me jump....my DH would probably have kittens! :roflmfao:

    Good Luck Purse-O-Nality! (totally cute name)