Legacy Shoulder bag in black

  1. Does anyone have this in black? I love mine in whiskey so much that I am considering getting it in black or the ali in black.
  2. good question ! i was thinking the same because i might think that plain black might take away from the style.
  3. I was thinking the very same thing, I love the shoulderbag I have in whiskey that I may just get black too. I love the heavy leather and it is so comfortable. The black did look nice in person.
  4. I have the Ali in black and I am still in love with her. I use it as my every day bag. It is a beautiful bag and I get lots of compliments (and envious stares) every where I go. You can never go wrong with the black!
  5. My uncle's wife (he just remarried after over 20 years with the woman I called my aunt, so just can't call her that yet) has the shoulder bag in black and I really liked how it looked (which is saying something since I've been biased against basic black for a little while now).
  6. I'm not into black normally but I just bought the legacy satchel in black and OMG am I in looove. It's beautiful and I'm not noticing the scratch marks like I do on my whiskey shoulder bag.
  7. i have the shoulder bag in black and i love it! i use it as my everyday bag right now, and the black to me is classic and neutral when coordinating my outfits when i'm too busy to change my bags. and you don't have to worry about any scratches!
  8. Thanks for your input! If you have the satchel can it rest on your shoulder?
  9. The satchel will not rest on my shoulder, but I have enormous upper arms. lol I am sure it would work on smaller/normal ladies though.
  10. I am not a thin gal. I would need to try it on.
    Thanks for your help! I love your new satchel, its sassy!
  11. Thanks & You're welcome! I'm a bigger girl so I know how hard it is to judge that sort of thing when it comes to bags.
  12. I just bought the Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey. Please can Handbag Helen and Luvmycoach post some pics of their whiskey shoulder handbag? Thanks!
  13. Here it is! I just love this bag. I know you will too!
    legacy 009.jpg
  14. You'll love the whiskey bag! I've used mine daily since purchasing it. It has no softened up really nicely and started to darken. I love it.

  15. I have the khaki sig/ebony version and LOVE it (have been using it all week infact). It is really light when you are carrying it because of the wide strap. It holds a ton too!