Legacy shoulder bag help!

  1. Does any one have this bag. Please tell me if, and why you love it, what you carry in it, is it a comfortable fit, and if you like to carry it every day. I think I lov it and want it in pond. But I like a purse I can carry for a while and put all my stuff in. THT!
  2. I have this bag in whiskey and love it. I have carried it every day since Christmas. It holds all my stuff, wallet, checkbook, sunglasses, keys, phone, misc. small items, bills to be mailed, my agenda if I carry it, an ipod... It can hold a lot. I find it to be very comfortable on my shoulder. I would definitely recommend this bag, soft leather (and it smells good)
  3. What size wallet do you carry?
  4. Generally I carry this size
    I do have a bigger one, but prefer the smaller one. My checkbook is in a coach cover that I removed from the bigger wallet.
  5. the shoulder bag is quite roomy- i fit a ton of stuff in mine.

    and it's comfy on the shoulder. a HUGE plus for me!
  6. I have the shoulder bag, but when I put everything in it, it was too small, so I ordered the Mandy. I think this will work better for me. But, so many gals love the shoulder bag and the size works out great for them. I guess I just carry too much junk.
  7. kallison - I didn't know you had a shoulder bag! That's cool! Welcome to the club. :yahoo: What color did you get?
  8. i have the whiskey.
  9. I have the black and pond shoulder bag and love them both! If I had the money I'd buy a couple more colors but I don't and I want too many other things! LOL! It's very roomy since it has so many pockets all over the place!
  10. How do you like the pond? I love it, but want to bew sure I can carry it as an everyday fro a while. What do you think. I'm about to make the cal..........:yahoo:
  11. I have the Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey and love it. I also have the Ali Bag in Whiskey which is much larger and this is the one I am using now. I find the Shoulder bag to be a little small for me for every day. I like to use it
    when I don't need to carry too much. Your best best is to use a very slim
    wallet with it. I have the Legacy French purse No. 40208 in whiskey and it
    is just too thick in the Legacy Shoulder bag as it is substantial in the width.


    You could also use one of the slim clutch wallets which Isaac Mizrahi makes for Target. That would work fine in the Legacy Shoulder bag. I don't know if you can get it in the whiskey but that is my favorite color. The Pond looks great too. Go for it, you won't be dissappointed.:yes:
  12. This is probably my favorite style of bag so far! I have 2 shoulder bags - one in whiskey and one in plum suede and I like it so much, I am considering a pond one as well! It fits comfortably on the shoulder and fits a ton of stuff without looking bulky. I have a hamptons stripe (python stripe) wallet, which is very large, and it hardly takes up any room in the bag. If you look at the "what did you haul around today" thread, I list what I normally schlep around with me which all fits in the shoulder bag with plenty of room to spare.

    Trust me, you'll love this bag!
  13. I haven't used my pond one yet, I'm waiting til closer to spring time but I'm thinking I'll be able to use it as an everyday bag as it goes with a lot of colors. I can see it with any neutral of course from differing shades of white to chocolate brown to black and I also think it'll be fabulous with the right reds, greens, pinks, maybe violet shades... I think any color that has a bit of a soft washed-out look to it. Does that make sense? Anyway, I wear lots of neutral colors so I think the pond will work nicely with my wardrobe.
  14. Wow, great tips, I have the medium Carly right now, it sounds like the Legacy shoulder is about the same size. Does any one have both?
  15. AH! i just tried that on the other day! i love satchels, you can carry your whole life in it or just some essentials! my satchels and speedy are my best friends. i love the multiple compartments. there is not enough of that in most expensive brands for some reason.