Legacy Shoulder Bag Help

  1. I love it in pond, it is htf too ! it is a small under your armpit bag though, it would be too small for me.
  2. I love the shoulder bags.... but there's just not enough drop to them .... otherwise I'd be all over this.
  3. LOVE them. i have two and faithfully switch out between them depending on whether i am wearing more brown or black.. a little heavy but very cute and it stays on my shoulder no problem.
  4. Well that stinks...I hate pit warmer bags. I love the color too. Hmph
  5. I have (3) of them, all in leather: Black, Pond, and Whiskey. Yes, the drop is short - hits me right below my armpit but I don't mind it (makes me feel that my purse is secure. *LOL*) because they are just so beautiful! But if you don't care for the short strap, you most likely won't like the Legacy Shoulder Bags.
  6. The shoulder bag is too small for me. I sold mine because of thie and where it sat under my arm. I know lots of girls here like the shoulder, but I prefer the larger Mandy. Although that is a beautiful color, I would just hate to spend that amt. knowing what they went for at the outlets. JMO
  7. I originally bought that last year but finally opted to switch out to the smaller Legacy Shoulder Zip because I'm a big wuss and couldn't handle the weight after I'd loaded in all my junk. Even though I'm a bit larger than the average girl, I didn't find it to be too bad of a "pit warmer" (hahaha nice way to put it by thee way), but when I filled it up, it was rather bulky and I looked a bit like a gorilla. I honestly don't even carry that much with me.

    I know a lot of the girls LOVED it here when it first came out in 06 though.
  8. Ash...you and I have very very similar taste in bags and I own many of the ones you do. I have seen this IRL and it is too small for my taste. It sits right under the armpit and doesn't fit too much unless you are carrying light that day. That said, the pond color is so beautiful IRL. Have you seen it in the legacy satchel? I think that bag is more the size you are used to and it looks incredible. Taralindsey has one. Let me see if I can link a pic for you.
  9. I love mine! I am a big bag girl, but when I need to par down to go out this is what I choose! I get a ton of compliments when ever I use this bag
  10. Here is Taralindsey's bag

  11. omg ya'll are crazy...this bag holds a TON!
    (well, for me anywhere...maybe I'm not hauling around as much as all you! heheh)

    I have it in the signature version...the pond is TDF though!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. I like the legacy satchel but Iam more of a shoulder bag girl. Do you have a Mandy? If so, how is it? I couldn't see the link you posted, could you just post the picture? I think I may just buy one of the shoulder bags for when I decide to carry light. But really..I think the Mandy is the way to go for me. ANNNNDDD I just saw the rose color Bridgit someone just got and in the spring my fave Leigh is coming out in this color. Hmmm..What do you think? :idea:
  13. I LOVE this bag as well, but the drop is not long enough for me w/ winter coats!!! This color is just TDF though!!!!!
  14. If you like the pond color, maybe you can get the legacy wallet french framed purse in this color to go with your other legacy bags. It would coordinate nicely !