Legacy shoulder bag advice!

  1. Hi all! This is my first post! :biggrin:

    Anyway, I really like the Legacy shoulder bag because I think it's soo gorgeous, but I still have a couple of reservations about it. I'd ideally like a color that I can wear year-round and also to work, but I'm worried that in Brown the bag would look too old for me. (I'm still a college student, and sort of a young-looking one, at that.)

    Any thoughts on this? Would White or Natural (assuming I can still find them) be a better choice? I just worry that I'd only be able to wear them for the summer months (and might not be as appropriate for work?).

    Thanks for any advice! :smile:
  2. I bought the shoulder bag in natural and it is so great! It will work for all seasons and has a very young look to it. I'm 23 and this is a lot lighter than the whiskey. It's my favorite bag and the color is so pretty. I highly recommend it in that color.

    It will look professional too and will look good with a pair of jeans as well.:yes:
  3. Get the natural color. It will be beautiful in all seasons.
    The white will be really hard to keep clean. I have a white Ali and it is kind of hard to keep clean as I live in NYC.
  4. I just LOVE the classic look of the Whiskey Shoulder Bag!!!! It is on my WISHLIST! :drool::heart:
  5. Everyone needs a brown bag - regardless of age! :yes: Brown is my "power color" over black, and I am only 23. (I am a brunette so black sometimes looks very harsh against pale skin/dark hair - although give me a pair of dance pants and I'm good, could live in those...)

    I think Natural would be a great all year round color - and of course... Pond also has alot of great personality!! :p

    Legacy Shoulder Bag is a good choice - it very practical & professional looking.
  6. I just replaced my whiskey with white and friggin LOVE the white sooo much!!! I don't think it's that tough to keep clean so far, just don't bump it into anything. ;) It's suck a bright color and so sute with a colorful charm!
  7. White is a color of bag that you wish to add when you already have the brown bag. For being a classic, brown all the way. Good luck, it is a tough one!!:graucho:
  8. i'm getting one too! in pond!
  9. I have 3 - plum suede, pond and whiskey. I love them all! I think any of the colors would work for you!
  10. Thanks for all the help! I think I'll go for Natural, just because it's probably a little more versatile.

    Does anyone know if the Natural shoulder bag is still available in stores? It's no longer online.. (neither is White, for that matter) :s
  11. Call the stores and they can order it for you and have it shipped to your house for free (if it's available)
  12. Here is my whiskey shoulder bag with a flower charm :heart: