Legacy Shoulder Bag 10339 -- anyone have Ebony/Khaki?

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  1. $378 - 25% and I could have a Legacy for under $300.

    Does this bag come in brown?

    Any pics? Thoughts?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. My sister has the ebony/khaki shoulder bag (matches my Mandy).

    The colors together are gorgeous!
  3. i have the Khaki/Ebony shoulder zip ( the smaller one) and i love it! it's so versatile :smile:
  4. I think the khaki/ebony is such a great combo!
  5. Is it classic/timeless -- or trendy?

    I see so many fakes of this style, and that really bugs me.

    For those who own it, is it roomy? stay on shoulder well? Have feet?

  6. I have it in khaki/ebony.
    Fits nicely on shoulder, surprisingly roomy, and does not have feet.
    My brother actually complimented me on it...calling it a "classic bag" (and that's coming from a gay man...so do what you want with that! lol!)

    I really like the gold...it's alot more GOLD!! than the trim on the Carly...but I'm glad I got the ebony. (actually got this at an outlet for like $260!)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. I love the Ebony and Khaki. It was one I was thinking about before deciding on my Carly.
  8. I love this bag! I think it might be my next.. LOL I saw that about all the bags I see. But I love the khaki/ebony combo.

    I wonder if they are making a Carly like it?
  9. Yes, they have a khaki/black Carly new for fall.
  10. I have it too, and it's lovely! Goes with everything! Fits great on the shoulder!!

    I have pics of it in my collection link below.
  11. i have it and love it. it's a classic i always go back to when in doubt ;)
  12. This is my absolute favorite bag...I switch to others and I ALWAYS go back to this bag...I have it with me today...it's perfect for holding keys, cell phone etc and always being able to find things...and I find the strap so comfortable to wear either on my shoulder or just to carry it :tup: