Legacy Satchel

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  1. Who Has One. Do You Really Love It? Does It Have Feet On The Bottom So When You Sit It Down It Is Not On The Floor? Is The Leather Really Heavy? More Or Less Than The Ali. Sorry For So Many Questions. I Bought The Ali In Whiskey And May Return It For The Satchel. Thanks For The Help !!
  2. i like the satchel so much better. it is slightly heavy, but think the shoulder is just as heavy, and I'm not a fan of the ali, so I say go for it!
  3. i think the heaviness of the satchel is more tolerable than the heaviness of a shoulder bag...
    but maybe that's just me.
  4. Thanks For The Opinions. I Think I Will Exchange The Ali For The Satchel. I Will Post When I Make The Exchange
  5. yeah thats exactly what i thought too.
  6. I don't even think the satchel is that heavy. Marc Jacobs bags and Chloe Paddingtons are way heavier, IMO.

    I am so excited to get mine!!!
  7. If it's the 2-pocket satchel, I just bought it in white, and I love it. It is a bit heavy, but not too bad. It is comfortable on the shoulder as well.
  8. Are you talking about the legacy leather satchel in white #10330? If that is the one, could you tell me how you would describe the color white? Is it more white than creamy? I hope it is not too white -- if you know what I mean. I was told it was not ivory but not white and I'm very interested in getting a white one tomorrow along with the black but I will not be able to see it in person...it will have to be ordered since the store does not have any left.
  9. It is winter white. I would not describe it as "creamy" in any way, it's definitely pure white.
  10. it's a really pretty white...not stark white, but not cream, either...
  11. i exchanged the ali for the whiskey satchel today. i love, love, love it!!! kallison did you decide what you wanted to do with the two handbags that you bought? are you going to exchange them for the satchel? i asked about the white and they said that they only made so many and when they are gone there will not be any more. so maybe you should try to get it soon if that is your decision to do so. i am not sure if she meant just in the white or all colors of the satchel is limited.
  12. i'm going back tomorrow to make my decision.

    i'm going to a different store because the the sa's at the store i went to were NOT nice. and had they let me try the bags on before i bought them, i would have known i didn't want them.

    but i'm 99% sure i'm getting the satchel...just not sure if i want the whiskey or the khaki sig.
  13. kidding right?

    one of my favorite customers came in the other day, she's going to wait for her friend before shopping PCE, but she was complaining about how heavy her bag was; and she was debating about buying another bag.

    to be fair, i've only worked for coach about a year, and she has shopped with me once before (she's well known in the store) and she was picking out gifts for someone else.

    so this time, she was shopping for herself and she was trying to see if the bag she was thinking about buying, would be heavier, or lighter then the current one.

    she decided the one she wanted to get was lighter then the one she currently owns.

    but then she was thinking, would it get too heavy with her stuff on?

    and i was like, "put your stuff in and try it out!"

    seriously! you can go into any coach store, touch, see, and walk around (not out of store) with any bags you like! that's why they are displays!

    next time the SA doesn't let you, then you can simply reply, well _____ store lets me so i guess i'll go there, or say you'll go to another store, or simply walk out.

    it's not like you can't order online or shop elsewhere!

    i would totally recommend you do that with the satchel..because leather and signature makes a huge difference sometimes in weight. leather being heavier obviously.
  14. i asked TWO sa's if i could try on the hippie (the only ones were on display on a manequin) and they said no. then i asked to see the satchel, which was on a shelf sort of behind the register. they told me to wait, but handed me something else (not sure what it was) and just told me it was "just like the satchel". it wasn't.

    i was seriously TICKED by the time i got home and realized neither were what i really wanted.
  15. IF it was me i would've walked away happy knowing that they didn't get a sale from me!

    if they were that bad, you can always call customer service and complain.

    my manager fields calls that are customer compliants but thank God it's not for our store!

    you mentioned that you had another store around your area? i hope it's accessible, and the SAs are nicer. if they are, and you happen to see a manager you just might want to mention your story so he/she could give the manager of that store a heads up b/c maybe they don't even know the SAs are being that rude.

    and keep in mind we do hire a lot of seasonals (not an excuse but...) and some stores, while they might like to be more selective, can't be for numerous reasons.

    my store was like that last year! lol. that's how i managed to get hired ;)