Legacy Satchel Owners Is It Too Heavy??

  1. Okay, I Have Asked This In Another Thread But I Don't Think The Legacy Satchel Owners Have Seen It. I Bought One In The Whiskey. I Love The Way It Looks, But It Seems A Little On The Heavy Side When I Put A Few Things In It. Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?
  2. i don't think there are many with the satchel yet...but most everyone has put in their two cents about the weight of the legacy leathers.
  3. I own it and yes it is heavy but not to heavy and after carry it for about a month...it doesn't feel heavy at all. I love the purse and my respect for this legacy coach line grows everyday. I would have to say I fall in love with my purse everytime I carry it. I have no regrets and NO it is not tooooo heavy.
  4. It's heavy if you're used to a canvas bag. But compared to a Marc Jacobs bag for instance, it's not too heavy at all, in my opinion. I have tried it on a few times with all of my stuff inside it, and I am pretty picky when it comes to heavy bags. I bought it! In whiskey! Hope it gets here tomorrow!
  5. thanks for the information. i will definitely keep the bag.