Legacy satchel in whiskey or black?


What color to get for the legacy satchel?

  1. Whiskey

  2. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have a legacy shoulder bag in natural now and I want the satchel but can't decide which color. I love the whiskey color but is it too close to the natural color? I like the black b/c it seems to make the hardware pop on the satchel.

    I just can't decide, I like them both:crybaby:
  2. I have the whiskey satchel so that's my vote. However, if I *worked* at Coach, I'd buy one of each :p
  3. The whiskey color is not too close to the natural. You could also get the pond. Good luck deciding. I just got the Mandy in the Natural and love it!
  4. Out of your choices, I'd go with whiskey. Personally, I really want the satchel in brown for autumn.
  5. I like the whiskey as well.
  6. I like Whiskey but think it is too close to natural so I would go with the black.

    I really like how the hardware stands out on the black.
  7. Love both but would go with the black.
  8. Hey Munchkyn! I voted black. The whiskey is o.k. buy the black is TDF! So would that be legacy......ali,........shoulder,........mandy??? Do tell:graucho:
  9. Whiskey all the way baby!
  10. I have - and love - the black. It's very versatile.
  11. LOL 50/50 on the poll, we aren't helping at all, are we?
  12. ^^^Ahh, nope! So hard...
    I am usually a brown shade kinda gal and have clothes with earth tones so I know for sure the whiskey would look great with everything I have. But I don't really have a black bag but then again the whiskey is so gorgeous. Does anyone have pics of them holding either color?