Legacy Satchel in Suede at Outlets

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  1. Does anyone know anything about the legacy satchels in the plum and charcoal suede? I bought the white leather during the PCE but had several times inquired with coach.com if the satchel will ever be available in the suede like the Ali and Mandy before ordering the leather. I was always told NO. Only available in leather and signature.

    Well, today in the factory in Tannersville, PA, there were at least 15 of each color suede. These were not made for the outlet. They told me the suede satchels just arrived from full price stores.

    How is this possible? I called Coach.com when I got home and asked them how this could be and they assured me that it was never offered online but they did have an item number for it. Is it possible to have bags made especially for Coach retail stores and never offered online? Does anyone know anything about this?
  2. I'm almost positive I saw those online when the line was first released. My understanding is that the NYC flagship store had the exclusive on the plum suede, but I'd seen the charcoal suede satchels in more than one of the VA stores when that floor set was still available. But I'm sure the SAs who hang out here can give you better details!

    So did you buy one? :smile:
  3. No I didn't buy another satchel. I wanted to but I purchased the patent leather tote in blue which was at a great discount and I bought a wallet to match the white satchel. The metallic was rubbing off on several of the bags so I was not too sure if that would be something I could live with. Anyone having that problem with the metallic on the legacy bags? I am positive that the suede satchel was NEVER online. I checked that website almost daily drooling over the legacy line before deciding to purchase the leather in white. It was never on the site and I don't understand why.

    I could not even believe that they had any of the legacy line from a retail store only 3 months after it's release. I thought it always took 6-12 months for stuff to hit the outlets.
  4. First of all, congrats on the tote - I love the blue! I think I may have already responded to you about this in another thread (ha - apparently, I'm a true tpf junkie - I can't even recall whose post I'm responding to!), but I have the plum suede legacy shoulder bag and had to order it special b/c it was only in a few select stores. I remember the suede courier online, but not sure about the satchel . . .

    I personally have not had a problem with the metallic rubbing off, but I baby my bag since it's suede (and I know metallics can rub in general).

    I can tell you I do love the bag and get tons of compliments on it!

    I was also shocked tha the legacy line made it to outlets so quickly - that was why I was just drawn to go today :graucho: !
  5. :cursing: OK......... I am sorry if this doesn't make any sense, but Coach makes me so mad sometimes!!!

    I used to live close to the Chicago area and when I went to order the PLUM SUEDE SATCHEL, they said the ENTIRE COMPANY was sold out, except for less than 5 in stores, and there was no way they could order it!!! They said the last one was at a mall in Orland Park or something, which was WAY on the south side of the city and I didn't have the time or the energy to get lost to drive all the way down there!!! (I was north up by Schuamburg, then Oak Park, THEN Geneva...). The SA at that OP store kept calling me to see if I could drive down there, but they wouldn't let me order over the phone. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? They are at outlets now?? I am so confused... and frustrated...

    ACK... and in my two experiences at the Coach store in Troy, MI, haven't really been pleasant either... Last time I was there, one of the sales associates corrected me when I asked if they had anything in "pond" to see examples of the color, and she said, "Oh, you mean "pool"? ".... Well... not really. Why do I have the worst luck in the world?!?!?

    Sorry... I know this thread was not meant for venting... I will go stomp around the house now.:sad:
  6. That is so sad that they wouldn't let you do a charge send over the phone. It stinks when we are at the mercy of a local store in any company or chain of stores that doesn't provide reasonable customer service. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  7. bags4bubbles - I'm so sorry that happened to you! I can't believe that they wouldn't do a fax order for you: when I wanted to order something that was in very low quantities, the SA was not able to do a phone/computer order, she had to use a special fax order form to the store that had the item in stock.

    It stinks that they weren't able/were unwilling/didn't know they could order it for you.
  8. I'm okay now... its just frustrating. It was my own fault for waiting so long to go get it. I was just in bad way, because I took a day off work exclusively to get that bag... then got there and it was gone.

    I will learn my lesson eventually. :push:

    LOL... I just about blew a gasket when I saw that they ended up at the outlets!! I thought, well where they not telling me the whole truth, or what? But I know that they have do do certain protocols, etc. I honestly don't think they knew/ thought of a fax order... they weren't just so concerned about finding a physical location of one for me. Lesson for me is to NOT WAIT around when I really want something. :shame:
  9. Ciao ladies.......
  10. Hi.
    Can you please advise how much the Charcoal/Black satchel was at the outlets? Also do they have the Ali Bag in Charcoal/Black and if so what was
    the price?

  11. ^^^^I saw the charcoal suede Alis at the outlets in Lancaster, PA yesterday, but did not check the price. They were in a "final sale/as is" bin, so they were an additional 50% off (but not returnable). Some of the other threads also mentioned that they saw these bags in other outlets (possibly MA and MI) . . . You could always call the outlet closest to you.
  12. I was at Lahaska & Reading today. Reading did not have any Legacy Suede. Lahaska did. Lahaska had the charcoal Mandy, satchel & ali. They had the plum Ali & a legacy bag a little smaller than Ali (book not habdy).

    This is my take on the Suede Legacy Bags at the outlets: The ones I saw are the regular store bags. The metallic leather had alot of scratches on it (had to look at the right angles). My best bet is they were rejects that were returned or transfered out because of the scratching of the metallic leather. I picked up a charcoal Mandy. I think I am going to sell my full price one & keep the outlet one.
  13. I Saw The Mandy And The Ali In Plum And Charcoal Today At The Outlet And They Said They Came From The Full Price Store. They did Not have The Satchel.
  14. Lahaska had one suede legacy satchel & a girl was "wearing it" trying to figure out whether to buy it. I did not like the way the leather was scratched on that one. I compromised with the charcoal sude ali & justified getting it in the plum and the charcoal. Got a double zip brief, a Signature Stripe Tote (man is it huge)... 2 pr of gloves (me & mom)...
  15. By the time i go to PA (Reading) I hope to find some really good buys. ( this summer) I so want the Ali bag. I'm going to call around locally to see if they have one :hysteric:

    Nosnoepolish, i'm :drool: over your charcoal Mandy, Congrat.