Legacy Rose SHoulder Bag!!

  1. I FOUND ONE!! What's a good price on a used one? It has some dirty marks on the bottom. Is it really as pretty as it looks...IRL? ...or should I hold out for the POND?
  2. ooo i don't know which is better (haven't seen the rose one) but i LOVE my pond.
  3. It can't be cleaned - so make sure it's not too dirty. I think Pond might be a bit more versatile when it comes to the colors you can wear with it.
  4. The rose is very pretty in real life. If you really like pink you will love it. I prefer the pond color, but that's just my personal preference.
  5. Go for the Rose!! The color is beautiful, and I wear mine with almost everything! I have never received so many compliments about a bag before!:smile:
  6. I splurged and got one of the remaining rose colored ones from JAX and my Coach email says it's here today to be delivered - can't wait! If what you're looking at is in good shape but for the bottom, I'd say a decent price is $300 or less.