1. ahh, sooo pretty!!
  2. I got one at the outlet a few weeks ago.
  3. I love it! I'll have to check my outlet for one!
  4. Oohh -thanks for update. I haven't purchased with the PCE card yet!!
  5. I think the one I got at the Outlet was a return but I am not sure. I am glad they put it back in stock. I would like to see the rose come back in more of the line.

    I really would like the shoulder bag to come back so I can replace the one I just got with the ink on it!
  6. This is the bag that I first lusted over when I started buying Coach just a few months ago. I wonder how many they have in stock?
  7. Yippie!!!!!!
  8. they have them in the store as well. it's a really beautiful pink. i'm personally not a pink person but i still like it.
  9. Very pretty!
  10. I wish a Rose Legacy Leather Satchel would magically appear on my bed...*poof*. :smile:
  11. So pretty!!!
  12. I LOVE the rose color!

    I want something in rose!
  13. Who's gonna get one during PCE?
  14. I love that colour. I must have that bag!:drool: