Legacy Resort Denim Collection...

  1. OMG!
    I'm in love with the legacy resort denim weekend tote. $698 No.10500
    Have u seen this bag??? It's gorgeous.
    It's on pg.72 of the new catalog.
    Can't wait.
  2. Yeah I just saw it today, its one of my favorite signature pieces.
  3. I'm going crazy over the white ostrich zoe clutch and the green ostrich satchel!!!
  4. K, just call me tomorrow to order! :P I actually do have a customer though who wants the ali in aligator, python satchel and ostrich satchel- he doesn't know which his GF would like best and wants to get all three! I seriously hope this dude isn't joking only because that's about a 15k sale. :wtf:
  5. Oh sure, during my break, if you bail me out of jail for when I rob a bank to pay for it. Actually if I got both it would leave me just a bit of savings.. ramen noodles anyone?
  6. ^^Thats definetly not my boyfriend LOL.
  7. Wait a minute - new catalog??? Why haven't I received mine????? My anniversary catalog is worn out from how many times I've looked thru the thing... when did you all receive the new catalog???
  8. I haven't gotten a new catalog either, maybe they are just late in getting to Seattle. I can't wait to see the new collection
  9. today because i ordered something and lovely sprinkles included it for me. you could have at least included a damn bib because you totally knew I was going to drool all over this!
  10. I haven't gotten a catalog in the mail but the nice SAs put one in my bag at Fair Oaks last weekend when I bought my new cell phone lanyard and Legacy stripe wristlet. LOL
  11. If mine doesn't come in tomorrow's mail I'll be picking one up this weekend - I can't wait to see it!!!
  12. good luck! the ali in croc was all gone last time i checked, only one left i think, which is impossible to order unless you fax because POS won't let you through.

    the python might be easier. damn the fact i'm in cali, can't ship it here!

    and the ostrich is not out yet, cannot even order yet either when i checked last week. but you never know, changes overnight.

    lol g'luck with that sale! probably he meant get all three, then return two, which is fine anyways since you get the sale ;)
  13. I haven't recieved the new catalog either but I did recieve a cute little small one thru the mail it's all Coach but I think it's from Macys. I love the cotte ballet flats & they are so affordable $138.00. Can we order now?
  14. Heres a pic of the flats & tote
  15. ^^ that's the collection. But the bag I want is 100x cuuter it has scarves that tie on the side. omg! sooo.. cute but yeah I want those shoes with the back and my SA told me I could order everything from her.