Legacy Question

  1. I hope I'm posting this in the right section...this place has grown so much and been divided into so many little sections since I last posted:shame:.

    I've been too busy to really pay attention to purses for the last year and a half (started college, found myself a boyfriend, etc.), so I've become a bit lost and have a couple of questions:

    Do the Legacy bags change often? Are the Leigh Leather Pocket Flap and the Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag going to be disappearing from the boutiques any time soon?

    Does Coach switch up the colors on these bags? Or are they only ever going to be available in the colors they are currently available in?

    I'm starting to like these bags and I'll have the money to get one of them soon (not sure which style I like better), but I would kind of prefer to wait until March or April to get one (my boyfriend and I are planning to go on a shopping spree then, and I want to buy a major bag then).

    So basically, will these bags still be available in the months to come? Or should I get them ASAP and go on a smaller shopping spree later?

    Hope this made sense..sorry for rambling:push::shame:
  2. Basically the name stays the same but the color and styles change by season. If you see one or find one you love get it while you can:yes:
  3. Do you have a particular style you absolutely love ? The 06 bags were recently in the outlets and you may have a chance to buy something you like there. The shoulder bag was re-designed to have the one pocket in the front as opposed to the double pockets in the 06, the Ali was replaced by the flap, the gigi replaced the slim tote. Clay came out this year wasn't out in 2006 also Juniper and raisin. I think the ali will be released with some new colors for the spring. The leigh is new but I think some colors in the shoulder bag like whiskey (not sure about this) is not available in stores or at JAX but not totally sure. good luck
  4. Thanks for the info:smile:.

    I think I'm probably going to pass on these...I just took a look at the Spring drilldown and I'm such a sucker for spring bags (6 out of my 9 (I think it's 9...I might have more:push:smile: Coach bags are Spring bags). I know I don't NEED more Spring...but I'm probably going to kick myself if I leave myself with little to no money for Spring stuff.
  5. I would guess that the current 07 versions of the Legacy bags will be in stores in variations on color at least until August. There is a different color in boutiques now called Juniper, but it is almost certain that if you wanted a standby color like whiskey or black you could order one.

    The styles will likely change again for fall/winter 08, and the 06 Legacy bags were already at outlet, so there probably aren't many left.