legacy pocket shoulder tote vs vintage carryall-opinions please!

  1. Okay guys, I need your help!!

    I recently purchased the brown legacy pocket shoulder tote from the outlets for business purposes. I had been watching and bid on a black vintage carryall - which I won today.

    I cannot keep both b/c by dh will be :cursing:!!! So what do you think about each bag?? Any opinions from anyone who has either or both!!

    I like the legacy pocket shoulder, but it is very heavy when I put ALL my stuff into it and it has a lot of hardware (which I like but afraid I may get tired off). Also it has a flap which is nice.

    The vintage carryall is smaller but very "classic" looking to me so I don't think that I will get tired of it. However, it is smaller!! Here are pics for reference:
    vintage.jpg legacy.jpg
  2. I don't have either of these, but between the 2, I like the carryall more. However, you have a size concern, so go with what you'll get the most use out of.
  3. I have both, I have the legacy is dark brown and the carryall in Cognac.

    I am actually even considering selling my legacy one because I seriously never use it, I did for a few weeks after getting it and now it just sits in it's dustbag.

    I use my carryall all of the time though, it's my absolute favorite bag and I get so many compliments on it. I would keep the carryall :smile: I want it in black & white too!
  4. I am looking for a Legacy Shoulder Bag like that one. I asked at the outlets today about it. I bet you could make a killing if you list it on eBay.
  5. I'd keep the carryall. very nice.
  6. I would choose the carryall, its a gorgeous bag.
  7. I like the Carryall I cant stand a really heavy purse.
  8. You don't list your profession but I think the choice depends on how you think you would use the purse. Both bags are lovely but convey different messages. The Legacy sends a bolder message than the Vintage which says to me understated elegance. Personally, my preference is the vintage, especially in the color of the picture, but the Legacy works well too.
  9. I have the Legacy bag in both the brown, and the white. I love them, but I never use them except when I'm traveling. They're enormous bags, and just too big to be a daily purse. *even for me, who adores big bags* It depends on what you'd want to carry in them, but I prefer the carryall too. I want to get one in the not too distant future, for myself. :smile:
  10. Thanks all for your opinions! I am a pharmacist and I am using the bag as a business-type tote, not purse. I absolutely do love the Legacy, and I agree that it makes a very bold statement (maybe not conservative enough though). That's why I got the Vintage... boy do I want to keep both! But I am trying to a "reasonable" person and keep the dh from blowing his top when he gets back in town.
  11. the vintage carryall is my FAVORITE coach bag EVER!! I have it in pink and want it in the cognac too. :biggrin:
  12. I'm with you! I loveeee big bags but it kinds of jumps the line a little sometimes.
  13. The vintage carryall is priceless. Actually you have 2 great bags. I would keep both if you can... I was able to pick up the vintage carryall today (again). They get one in the outlets about every few months. I sold the last one I snagged but am debating keeping this one.
  14. Another vote for the carryall!
  15. I vote for the carryall...I love the pink!