Legacy Pocket Shoulder Bag

  1. If anyone has the Legacy Pocket Shoulder Bag, is it a nice size for everyday use? Which color(s) do you have?
  2. If you're talking about the shoulder bag with the 2 front pockets and the back zip pocket, I have it in plum suede. I think it's a great size for every day use. In fact, I was surprised at how much it can hold even though it's not a huge bag. I manage to carry a large wallet, wristlet, miscellaneous cosmetic and "women's" things, phone, keys, classroom keys, sunglasses and other smaller things and still have room for more!
  3. Which style number?
  4. Willow, you are a gal after my own heart!!! I have the Mandy in charcoal suede and in whyskey!
  5. Style No. 10328, for $398. Thanks, so it will hold a lot! Wonderful. What do you think about using it for night or special occasions in the black leather?
  6. kstyle - that is the style I was referring to and I think it would work well for night/special occasions in black!

    noshoepolish- OT here, but would love to see pics of your charcoal Mandy!
  7. I have this bag (in the signature) and I can carry quite a bit in it...perfect for everyday!
  8. Once I get listing this week, I will post a photo of the charcoal for you.