Legacy Oxford Stripe Top Handle Pouch

  1. i still can't figure out why the price went up $40 from the legacy stripe pouch. this one is cute, but that price just seems so high to me for it
  2. did you see it in person? the colors are kind of muddy and watered down... kinda like watercolor
  3. I have the Legacy stripe pouch.
    Its medium sized. You can fit a wallet, keys, sunglasses, gum...ect...

    That oxford one is growing on me too!
  4. i'd loveto see other pictures of this one, i'm not sure about it yet.
  5. It looks like it's the same size as the legacy stripe pouch. If that's the case, what are you trying to fit?
    Mine only fits my wallet, my sk3, phone, and a pack of gum.
  6. I think that would work, but I'm no expert on it. It seems big enough. But like katrynar said, you might want to see it in person if the colors are watered down.
  7. It'll work i have the signature stripe pouch and i got my wristlet and cell phone and keys,lip lgoss and my checkbook. Go for it!