Legacy Owners and Lovers come here please

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  1. Need your advice on choosing a bag..about the only thing I AM sure of is that I want it in the sig/eby/khaki. Now I'm trying to choose between the Ali and the Sig. shoulder bag. I LOVE Mandy..but do I need to spend that much more for her? And wait until the middle of April til she's available in my color/fabric?

    So those of you who have these bags, would you mind telling me what you love about them and why you chose yours? I wish I could get one of each, but that's not gonna happen.

    Those of you who are loving these bags and are deciding which to get, what direction are you leaning?

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. I have the pond shoulder bag and for me... its the perfect size (if not a bit too big).

    I carry essentials with a smidge extra: MJ zip clutch wallet, wristlet with makeup, card case, pens, keys, cell....

    I actually have a ton of room leftover in the shoulder bag, but I like it!!
  3. I have the sig/khaki/white shoulder bag, I love it. I also have the pond all leather on order too, should be here tomorrow. So, I guess I'm a BIG fan of the shoulder bag.
  4. I have the Shoulder Bag in Khaki/Ebony. I love it! It holds a lot, and is easy to carry on the shoulder. I was looking at the Ali too, but thought it was just too big. I would like to get the Shoulder bag in all leather now, maybe Pond! :biggrin:
  5. I have the whiskey shoulder bag and it definitely holds a lot!! I use the wristlet as a wallet and can fit my sunglass case or the small beauty case on top of my keys, phone, lip gloss, pens, etc., without it being "stuffed". I like the Ali too, but I can see myself trying to put everything in it.
  6. My first choice by looks was the Mandy but realistically for me too big and heavy so the shoulder bag was my next pick because I like that look and I am a more east/west person. I did acquire the Ali in all white at the outlet but it was not that cheap but I could not handle that much white but I loved the bag and the fit. I would like to get the Ali but I am waiting to see the new bags but out of the two I like the shoulder but the Ali I think has more room. The shoulder bag is roomy enough for me. I also like the shoulder zip as compared to a flap. They are both beautiful bags. Good luck picking!
  7. I agree the Shoulder Bag is the PERFECT size. I love mine and I love that khaki/ebony combination, goes with ALOT.

    I like a big bag, but I did think the Ali was too big. It's deeper so not as easy to see into.
  8. I have the Ali and the only gripe i have about it (not a terribly big one) is that i have to position the flap, turn the turnlock, every time i want to open and close it. Sometimes when I'm using it, I just leave the flap unlocked. Everything else about it I LOVE. I just think that a zippered bag is more convenient.
  9. ok, I'm the strange one ..........

    i love the mandy & it's perfect for me. I also own 3 ali's and 1 satchel.
  10. I have 3 shoulder bags and I adore them! I love the style - it's roomy without being too big (I carry a lot of bulky stuff and have plenty of room in the bag).

    I love the look of the Mandy, but wouldn't spend the money on it (of course, if I had a serious discount, that might change things drastically!).
  11. The shoulder bag is surprisingly roomy...I can fit ALOT in mine (wallet, wristlet, meduium beauty case, cell, compact, pen, lots of lip gloss). I'm sooooo glad I snagged mine when I found it at the outlet (in khaki/sig/ebony)

    I think the flap on the ali would drive me nuts personally.
  12. That's what I'm thinking about Mandy. I love the look too, but the cost is a bit daunting. Especially for a serious bag whore like me because I don't know that I'd ever get my money out of it. I'd just use it a month or so, then on to the next one. :shrugs:

    I appreciate all the comments, ladies, and your help. I think I'll go with the shoulder legacy bag in the sig/ebony/khaki!
  13. I think that is why I used to buy inexpensive bags for so many years, I would use the bag a month or two, tire of it and go on from there. This is the first time in years I have used a bag more than 2 months...okay, right at 2 months, I got the Legacy Shoulder Zip for Xmas and love it.
    I honestly don't think I could spend that kind of money and only use it for a month....I would rather take the money and buy all the fun accessories that coach has in the new catalog.

    Have fun!!
  14. CoachNut:

    You are so on right. I have the Legacy Shoulder bag in whiskey and the Ali in whiskey which I love and am wearing on a regular basis. Prior to these purchases Coach Did not make anything I liked for four years (from 2003 - 2006). I wore My Coach Ergo 9228 from 2003 - 2006. I loved that bag so much that I wore it out. Fortunately for me the Ergo is coming back and I plan on purchasing three bags from this collection.