Legacy/outlets ?

  1. everytime I ask the sa in the coach store here they ALL say the same thing..you will not find a legacy bag at a outlet...then I see people DO find them at outlets...they also say they will not go on sale lower than retail anywhere then I found one at macys almost half off...what is up with this? I am going to orlando next month,is there any chance I will find a legacy bag or are they correct?
  2. Legacy bags at my outlet all the time - TONS of them!!
  3. There have been Legacy bags at outlet. It is definitely worth an outlet trip to check! I was at outlet carrying my cotton Legacy shoulder bag and the SA told me they would probably be getting the matching accessories next summer. I laughed and said I'd bought it in Pleasant Prairie and they had the accessories, too!
  4. Same here! I see all these great posts and great finds at the outlets, then call the outlets and they act like I am crazy. It's frustrating!! :confused1:
  5. I just got a Legacy at the Edinburgh outlet, it was about $220 off retail, and it is one that you can still buy from the website for full price!
  6. I've told some people this before:

    The ONLY Legacy bags you will find at an outlet are store returns or are damaged slightly or final sale items. Returned Legacy bags, as a general rule, go to certain outlets, as well; they don't get shipped to random outlets, but to certain larger-market higher-end outlets.

    THere are special boutiques opening on Bleecker St. and in Los Angeles that are JUST Legacy boutiques and that is where all Legacy bags will go UNLESS they are returned to a boutique or an outlet, or if they're not up to snuff (but they can't really be very messed up because if they are they get destroyed). Right now they get sent to JAX if they are unsold.

    A lot of pond and rose Legacy shoulder bags went to outlets because people bought and returned them. So did certain signature Ali styles and white Ali's. But other than that, don't count on finding your dream whiskey legacy shoulder bag at the outlet-- you'll be lucky if you do, and the only reason you will is if it is a return.

    The EXCEPTION TO THIS is the signature cotton Legacy bags because Coach made alot of them and they didn't do very well in stores, and they were a spring item that needed to be moved out. (I'm talking the denim signature and leather and the chocolate and parchment signature and leather bags)

    Just an FYI :smile:
  7. As far as Macy's and other dept. stores, they are not supposed to be able to put Coach bags on sale-- but they still do it. When they do, they get chewed out by Coach corporate.

    However, as a rule you won't see a lot of the higher-end Legacy bags at Dept. Stores. Coach has certain bags that are department-store only.
  8. You might be able to find a couple, but maybe not, still worth a check.

  9. Good info! :smile:

    Bloomies must have been very chewed out by Coach then because I got a black Legacy Leather Satchel there for $209, instead of $698. And there were about 5-6 of them when I was there.
  10. Thanks for the info! That makes me feel better.. I kept seeing all the great posts about the pond shoulder bags, etc and getting frustrated when I would call the 3 outlets around here. Luck of the draw, I guess.
  11. Dude, you have no idea how frustrating it is to us when they mark down our bags like that and they aren't supposed to. That's part of the reason they are given limited runs and numbers of things; they don't respect the rules. Do you see Saks marking down LV? No!
  12. I can confirm that - the one bag (shoulder zip) that I got at the outlet was a return. They also had an Ali in Natural or Whiskey (can't remember exactly), but they also said that was a store return, and it had a small scratch on the back. It was gone within minutes.

    I usually get there on Friday mornings after they've processed transfers and grab what I think I want. By noon, anything 'good' is gone, gone, gone.
  13. I'm sure it is.. I had no idea that dept. stores weren't supposed to do that.

    That's why I was kinda shocked when I saw the legacy bag there for such a low price-- okay, maybe one would make sense, like if it was a transfer, return, etc., or something crazy, but there were quite a few (this was about 3 weeks ago.)

    That's why the very high end brands, like LV, Dior, Chanel, etc. rarely, if ever, go on sale, which makes their value hold stronger.
  14. ^^Yep, which is what Coach wants, but they'll never achieve it letting Dillard's mark bags down 40% off. It irritates the hell out of us when Dillards SA's come in our store-- it's like 5 doors down from Dillards. They look at everything, smirk, and say "ours are so much cheaper" make you wanna :bagslap:
  15. We don't have Dillards. I can say that the only bags I see marked down at Macys, L&T, & Nordies are after the season is over - bags that did not sell.