Legacy Outlet Reveal...........................

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  1. I called the outlet this morning to see if they had received any deletes. Was told no but they may get some next week.

    This evening, I decided to take a ride to the outlet........... just in case.

    Walked in the door and the Assit Mgr said "I was just about to call you, we have a bag that you will like".

    So as we were walking back to the deletes she tells me they only received 1.

    Ladies, let me introduce my new outlet find.


    They only received one and 3 of the signature Hamptons totes from fp.
  2. BOOOOOYAH...woman u know my motto on the darn outlets ;)
    CONGRATS -!!!!
  3. very cool.
  4. I sure do!!! Thanks!!!!
  5. Thanks Rambler. I never expected to see any Legacy there.
  6. What a great outlet find...I love that pattern. Talk about being at the right place at the right time
  7. Exactly!! Thank goodness!! I just had a feeling I should go :graucho:
  8. Great find! Maybe bring the asst. manager some cookies or something next time you go!:graucho:
  9. Congrats!! Enjoy her!
  10. I think I should!! It works for our outlet Queen!!

  11. Thanks so much Coachgirl! I think the only way I would have been more excited over this find would have been to find a Caroline. LOL

  12. I bring goodies all the time ;)
  13. And it works!! I'm going to have to do that!
  14. Yay! Congrats on your find!!
  15. Thanks Scorpio!! Hope you are doing well!