Legacy or Hamptons carryall? Which would you choose?

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  1. I'm torn between two bags:

    The Legacy leather shoulder bag # 11127 in walnut


    The Hamptons signature stripe carryall # 11071 in bordeaux.

    I love them both but I'm torn. I bought the Hamptons just recently, but I keep thinking about the Legacy. There is a slight price difference, but this doesn't really matter. I want a fall handbag that is versatile, stylish and roomy.

    What do you think? :confused1:
  2. If you can't stop thinking about the Legacy then I would take the Hamptons sig back and get the Legacy shoulder bag. You have to love what you carry. :smile:
  3. Yeah, I know.

    I love the Hamptons carryall, too. It has a very business-like, professional look to it that I can use for work. I can't keep both, because I've already purchased quite a few at the outlets this summer. I'm limiting myself to one bag in the fall. I also have the brown Carly that I can use all year.

    To those who have this Legacy bag - is it roomy, easy to get things out of, easy to carry? Do you have any complaints about the Legacy shoulder bag?

    Here are the links to the bags:

    Legacy (in whiskey.....it was late last night when I posted the original message, so no idea where 'walnut' came from)

  4. ITA!<<Im gonna stop posting because everything I want to say...has already been said! lol Great minds think alike:idea:;)
  5. I like both bags, and am a total legacy addict, however, that bag is much to small for my taste so I would choose the Hampton's.
  6. I much prefer the style of the Hampton's carryall so it gets my vote. You have to carry what you love though.
  7. hmm, i really like both bags. they each have a different style to them. the hamptons is more formal for work. the legacy is a good everyday over-the-shoulder type of purse, but it can also be used for work. hmmm, i guess i like the legacy a little bit more if i had to choose. but they're both gorgeous!
  8. The Hamptons signature stripe carryall.
  9. I really love the legacy line, but if you already have a carly, you're covered with a more casual bag. Maybe choose the carryall so that you have a professsional work bag, too?
  10. Thank you all!

    I agree that I already have the more casual bag covered - the brown sig Carly, brown sig duffle, Holiday patchwork from last fall/winter (yeah, I've got the browns covered!! I'm addicted to brown bags!), and the Hamptons patchwork tote (which is my main bag this summer).

    Hamptons carryall is definitely more professional-looking. I work at a bank and although we are business casual, I do occasionally need to dress up and play grown-up so maybe I need to hold on to the carryall after all. Maybe I can save up and get the Legacy at the Macys F&F this November or one of the next few PCEs (if I"m lucky enough to get invited).

    Legacy will always be on my wish list so unless Coach comes out with another style that I can obsess over, it WILL be my next big splurge (Christmas gift to myself perhaps??? Hmmm).

    Thanks for your feedback everyone, and let me know if you have either bag and can share any pros/cons on them. You ladies are awesome. :okay:
  11. I prefer the hamptons. It is just adorable IRL. I saw it today in Nordstroms.