Legacy or Carly?


Which bag would you rather buy?

  1. Small Carly in Parchment

  2. Legacy Shoulder bag in Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have store credit and I'm just itching to get something. :graucho: I went into the Coach store today and thought I'd get the black legacy shoulder bag, but then I saw the small leather carly in parchment and can't decide. What do you ladies think, go with the parchment carly, or the black shoulder bag?
  2. You seriously can't go wrong with either!! They are both fabulous!
  3. legacy shoulderbag in black
  4. I like the color of the parchment better than the black, but I prefer the style of the Legacy to that of the Carly. I have to go with the Legacy, although I'd prefer it in pond, white, or natural.
  5. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks bchleo! I actually have the shoulder bag in whiskey already and LOVE it. I was thinking of getting it in a different color and just saw the black one in the store today. This would be my 2nd shoulder bag, but I agree with you, it's a great styled bag and I love it.
  6. Why not the legacy in white? Kind of a meet in the middle?
  7. Tough choice. I have 2 shoulder bags (plum suede and whiskey) and a medium parchment Carly and I love them all for different reasons. I'm not into black bags lately (went through a period of time in my 20s when EVERYTHING I wore was black. Ok, now I sound old), so I'd vote for the parchment since I love the contrast of the deep mahogoney with the ivory and I love the hardware. But I'm biased by color and to be honest, I think the shoulder bag is perhaps my all-time favorite style.

    Wow - looking at what I just read, I'm sure i didn't help you at all! I'm sorry, you just gave us a very hard choice!
  8. I voted shoulder bag just because I love the Legacy bags the most! I have a medium Carly too though and I think you'd be happy with either.
  9. I prefer the Black Shoulder Bag! Let us know what you decide and post pics pls!:yes:
  10. Thanks everyone! I basically decided to go with the shoulder bag. I just love that style and it's a perfect bag with all the outside pockets and such. I ended up with a new dilemma though (I'm horrible with being indecisive!!) - get the shoulder bag in black or in the new pond? Decisions, decisions!! LOL

    Thanks again everyone, all your comments helped a lot. :yes:
  11. yessssss ITA!

    but they are two different styles. the legacy is more of a casual everyday but the carly, while can be casual, the brighter shine on the gold makes it more dress up if wanted.

    :nuts: good luck choosing! it's not easy.
  12. Definitely Legacy!
  13. I vote for the Carly
  14. Legacy!