Legacy Natural

  1. Does the natural color legacy leather darken with time? this isn't considered vachetta, or is it? I am kind of confused on the natural thing.. can anyone help?? TIA :tup:
  2. just bumping this up.. anyone?? :p
  3. I don't think it's considered vachetta...I think the "natural" is just the color name. IDK if it darkens over time though.
  4. yeah, I didn't think it was vachetta, but then wondered about darkening over time and stains, didn't know if it was a lot different than the other legacy leathers. Anyone else have any idea? Thanks so much!!
  5. I've had the Legacy Slim Tote in Natural for a few months now, and it has slightly darkened. But it still looks good though. I live in Southern CA, so the bag has been exposed to sun a lot.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. I also have the Legacy Slim Tote in natural and have used it quite a bit for a few months. It has darkened quite a bit. It looks a couple shades darker then when I first opened the box it came in. Hope this helps.
  7. The natural on the large Ergo tote is vachetta, and it has darkened slightly since I got it. I believe it does darken or develop a patina over time.
  8. oohh that sounds really pretty!!! Is it untreated like vachetta, meaning would water spots be really bad and things like that, or would it be okay like the other color leather if you were careful with it? I just got the natural wallet and it is so pretty.. just deciding if it will go alittle darker and about the matching ali or other bags.. thanks!!
  9. Mine has not spotted in the rain (and it has rained here almost daily for the last three months!), but it has darkened in an all-over sort of way. I haven't noticed it so much on my wristlet, but I have not really carried it so I guess that doesn't count!
  10. I haven't heard of darkening on the natural, just the whiskey and vachetta.

  11. oohhh that sounds nice!!! Thanks for the info!!! Do you have the ali, or something else??
  12. The natural bags I've seen are really pretty. I think they will get darker with time.
  13. I have a legacy shoulder in natural and it has darkened to a warmer color. I love it!
  14. i got the mandy a few days ago, so i couldn't answer your question, but i'm very curious to see how it turns out.
  15. Thanks for the answers ladies, it sounds absolutely beautiful!!!! :drool: