Legacy Mini Skinny!

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  1. I got it at Macy's! It's soooooo flippin cute! It was $58...Oh yes, and it has the pocket on the back like the regular mini-skinnies.

    I'm hoping my less than stellar cell-phone pics show up:

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  2. Oh man that is adorable. Now I wish I'd stopped in Macy's today.
  3. Oh my, that's too cute. My legacy shoulder bag needs on of those :yes:
  4. I wish I didn't see that:love:
  5. ^^I didn't see that. Nope, and now I'm going to leave this thread quietly and take a nice cold shower.
  6. They don't have that at my Macy's! Its adorable.
  7. So adorable. I didn't even know Coach had that.
  8. love the inside!! congrats, its a really cute mini skinny!
  9. That is just sooo cute!
  10. The second I saw the picture I thought "AARTI NEEDS TO RUN!".
  11. Bwahahahahahahahaha!! Seriously, there was only one in the case and it was like the light from heaven that also poured down on my primo parking spot, was shining down on this. It was soooo crowded and the SA was so cute helping me. She took me to two different registers so I wouldn't have to wait that long, but I didn't mind...
  12. I'm at the mall twice a week (once on Saturday and then on Sunday) which means, Macy's, Nordies AND Coach. And only Macy's had it, and it was totally new, because I always make a point to check what they have (and if anything is on sale.) I sure hope a white one comes out!!
  13. oohh that little mini is gorgeous! I'm going to check my Macys this weekend. They didn't have it in leather, did they? If not oh well I'm a signature gal anyways.
  14. That is just the cutest friggin' thing.

    Alright guys, I'm trying to be good and hold out until Spring. No one here is making it easy!
  15. Awww! Thats adorable!