Legacy Mini Skinny!

  1. oh it's so cute!!! Hopefully someone here will snatch it up!
  2. krispin...you're the greatest! I just won a khaki/ebony shoulder bag and am starting my new set...thanks for the post and wish me luck..I'm goin' in :tup:
  3. 4 hours to go! Too much for me at the moment, but a TPF'er is winning!:tup:
  4. Sooo cute! Would look good with my carly...

    Wish I wouldn't have bought theose sandals or that stupid $23 A charm!!! Grr.
  5. That's really cool looking. I've never seen it before. When were they in stores?

  6. Ooh! I want one of those too but since you have a matching bag I will stay out of the action! You owe me a coke!! ;)
  7. Yes, but it was exclusive to department stores only.
  8. LOL...will do!
  9. That's cute but oh, look at that price! It's going to end high!
  10. aaahhh...don't jinx me! The BIN price was $85! I'm hoping it doesn't go that high!
  11. Good luck, knutty! I love matching stuff!!
  12. Which department stores? Macy's or Dillard's either one?
  13. Both, I think. :yes:
  14. Yeah, baby! :wlae: It's mine! Someone tried to snipe me at the last second (boo hiss) ...but no match for a Coachie when she really wants something. Thanks to krispin for the post and I will show pics when BOTH of my new babies arrive!