legacy metallic leather mini drawstring

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  1. btw...am looking for it in navy and was also wondering, if any of you own it, how much it fits!
    thanks again!
  2. i'd love to see one in irl as well, maybe somebody can step forward and show some pictures? :graucho: or is it too new for anybody to have yet?
  3. someone had the lilac one... i can't remember who it was but she posted modeling pics and everything!
  4. I like the gold color I am not sure about the navy I would have to see it IRL I never really thought about getting a bag in navy
  5. i remember somebody had a gray one, yes. I think on search it should pop up. I m hoping to see the metallic colors from someone :graucho:
  6. can anyone tell me how much they can fit into this bag? i'm going to check it out tomorrow...but was just wondering...thanks!!!!
  7. I love this bag and was thinking of getting it in the navy too but I don't see it as an option on the site anymore. Oh well, perhaps I'll have to stalk it later on ebay if I missed out or maybe they will bring it back, who knows? I think I could suffer through with the bronze though if I had to, lol. I was/am hesitant to buy until I see it irl but I have to say...I feel kind of sentimental toward it already because it reminds of my favorite bag (no name) that I carried when I was young.
  8. I don't own this bag, not really a fan of the design but it looks prettiest in lilac.
  9. I actually have this bag and I love it!! I saw it and completely fell in love and didn't buy it because I thought it was going to be a purchase I'd regret later... but when i saw it again, I knew I had to have it and its been the best decision so far! I got the navy blue one and to answer your question, it fits my wallet, my phone my keys and a couple of other things like lip gloss and such... even though its a little on the small side, it still fits everything I need! :yahoo:
  10. oops! this is an old thread...why was it bumped?
  11. ^^I think someone just bumped it up to comment on the bag instead of starting a whole new thread. Thanks for your pics, they are very helpful imho!
  12. ^^^yeah, I agree with Sweetmelissa. But I'd never tire of looking at that beautiful legacy drawstring pouch! I think I mentioned this before but I actually like the funkier Legacy styling and will definitely be scouting the outlet for them :yes: