Legacy Medallion bracelet...

  1. Does anyone own this bracelet?

    I kind of wish I had purchased this with PCE, but I wonder if it's loud and jangly since it has so many medallions on it. I never wear my charm bracelet because it has so many charms on it that it jingles too much...I wonder if this would be the same way. Just looking to see if anyone owns it and how you like it.
  2. I think it is a really cute bracelet but it would probably drive me crazy. I like the other bracelets they offer as they are comfortable.
  3. i envision it being a "twinkly" kind of sound like windchimes... since the medallions are so thin.

    I love noisy jewelry LOL I just can't get myself to spend as much as they want for those medallion pieces. :sad:
  4. That is very cute, but quite expensive. Most jewelry is going to make some amount of noise, so I wouldn't expect this to be much different.