Legacy Mandy???

  1. What do you all think of this bag? I am so tempted to get it for only $316 but just dont know if it would be too crazy heavy? Are there any pics of happy owners modeling her?
  2. I bought it once on eBay on a screaming deal.. I loved the bag but it was too big and too heavy for me, I sold it before I used it. It's a very cute bag though! :yes:
  3. i just bought it last nite, loving it, i dont think its heavy at all....
  4. Just got two - one in whiskey and one in black. I don't think it's that much heavier than any of the other legacy bags. Plus you can put it on your shoulder, which is I think is great!
  5. I just got one from the outlet, and I've heard they're heavier but it doesn't really feel like it to me. Of course, when I load 'er up with all my gear and haul her around all afternoon, it might be different.

    I just love that the zip top is so easy to get into and the shoulder strap is really comfortable--nice drop length. I do have to be careful about heavy bags, but I think I might be willing to suffer a little with this one because she is so gorgeous and extremely practical. :love:
  6. Thanks Ladies. I just went and picked her up in Whisky. Oh she is LOVELY! I will post pics when I can. I love this bag so much Im taking back my Hamptons bus tote! I love the shoulder strap on this.
  7. I just won a black leather Mandy on eBay for a great deal. It is a TDF bag ( I just got it today.) I have been trying it on all day and deliberating if I think it is too heavy:shrugs:.

    I am just not sure :nogood:. But, I got such a great deal that I want to give it a little time before I give up on her and send her back to eBay. There is one thing that is a fact....the black legacy leather is unmatched in my book for quality and looks. WOW......even though this has been pre-owned, it looks and smells new!!:yes: It slouches perfectly so that it doesn't look so big. I really like the style of this bag!!!

    I would like to hear what others say who have worn her for awhile ..........
  8. I own a black leather Mandy and while it is a very substantial bag, I find it sits comfortably on my shoulder. I feel the bag is very well balanced.
  9. I have been using my black Mandy for my everyday bag for about 3 months. I have a 1 yr old so it fits all her things in there as weel as mine. On most days I do not feel she is too heavy, but there are times when I really fill her up that I can tell. But as a sahm I am usually pushing a stroller or shopping cart around and my purse goes straight down on one of the so I do not have to carry her while shopping. I love my Mandy! I think she works very well for my needs.
  10. So glad to hear that you manage your mandy and your little one! Do you find it stays on your shoulder well when you're out and about with your child? I just love this bag!
  11. I LOVE Mandy but when full, she was too heavy for me. I sold her and got a large Carly in leather which wear way more comfortably when full (with the same amount of stuff).
  12. Just to be clear, a Mandy courier??

    I don't have it any longer, my BF took it when I got the Lily. Like many other legacy leather bags, it is heavy. The two pockets in the front are great for holding a cell phone or other items for easy access.

    I don't have a modeling pic, but since the bag retailed for $798 I would say 316 is a fabulous deal!
  13. ^yes the courier. I must have messed up with the math as it came out to around $350 give or take when I bought it but still a fabulous deal. I love her.... I can see where she would be a tad heavy when loaded up but I couldnt resist her. My bag to get is the 06 legacy shoulder bag! That one was a perfect fit in the store but the only one they had left was mangled beyond belief. I dont think Mandy will be an everyday bag but darn she is gorgeous!
  14. I LOVE my Whiskey Mandy, but I don't wear the same bag everyday. However, when I carry her I don't want to change. She stays nicely on my shoulder, and I don't load her up with alot, just my usual items. I love this style so much, that I bought the White from the Outlet. I wish COACH would release the Mandy again in other colors like Rose, Green or Mahogany!

    Happy Holidays!
  15. I own a Mandy in whiskey and compared to my Miranda and Lily, I don't find this bag heavy at all. I think the shoulder strap definately helps to even out the weight...plus I like big heavy bags anyway!