Legacy Maddy Halter Bag...

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? I'd love to see real pics of her, (maybe even modeling pics ?) - not just the stock photo. I ordered the last one from the Legacy store on Bleeker St. And I'll probably get her on Tues. But of course, I can't wait until then!!!
  2. I've never seen any stock pics...can you post one to show us what it looks like?
  3. Here it is in Ocean, but Ocean is sold out. I got it in Camel.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I don't know why the pic isn't posting. I'll try again..

  6. I give up!!! Anyway, it's style #12258 and you can find it on the Coach website under the Legacy boutique link.
  7. here is the drilldown pic

  8. Did you get the bag yet? do you love it?

    I think it's awesome..
    would love to hear a review of the bag :smile:
  9. VERY NICE!!!! Love the color...is that natural???
  10. I think this is neat...just wondering how you get into it? Is there a zipper? I really wish Coach would put pics of the top/inside of their bags so we can see the lining colors and how it opens!!