LEGACY lovers...I need help!!!

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LEGACY Leigh or 07 Shoulder Bag or both???

  1. Keep LEGACY shoulder bag in WHISKEY ($159)

  2. Keep LEGACY Leigh in WHISKEY ($295)

  3. Keep both of them...they are nothing alike!

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  1. :sos: Ok...I really need your help! I normally am able to figure these things out for myself, but this one is just to big for me.:sweatdrop:

    I bought a LEGACY shoulder bag 07 at the outlet about 2 weeks ago, I never used it nor did I take the tags off of it, I bought it for $159.99 in WHISKEY.

    Ok...here is where the problem comes in...

    Last night I was at the outlet and I found a LEGACY LEIGH for
    $369.99-20%=$295.99. IN WHISKY!

    So I do not know what to do...I am too worried that they are to much alike to keep them both.
    I am torn on whether to keep the shoulder LEGACY, keep the LEGACY LEIGH, or heck, at that price just keep both. (If I keep both my DH will probably strangle me...j/k...but it will work out)

    I am concerned if LEIGH is a dressy bag...I am a casual dresser and do not have to wear fancy clothes to work.

    As far as LEGACY pieces that I already own, just so that I don't become to mundane:girlsigh:...I have a BLACK Mandy, a BLACK Ali, and a BLACK hippie...( I know a lot of BLACK...I am just glad I did not find LEIGH in BLACK too...lol)

    Thanks for your help!!! I know that I can count on you guys to help me figure this one out.:smile:
  2. I love the leigh, my vote's for her. The shoulder bag is a little too small for me too. I am a stay at home mom and a very casual dresser, but I love to carry the leigh proudly
  3. I vote the leigh nice size and very chi. Will good great with jeans.
  4. Can you post pics?
  5. I think they are different enough to keep both, but I would keep the Leigh over the shoulder bag because it's bigger. I saw this bag IRL on someone for the first time yesterday and I was surprised... I thought it'd be huge and bulky but it looked AMAZING on her!
  6. Pictures for right now...I have them in WHISKEY, I can take pictures soon...
    shoulder legacy.jpg coach leigh.jpg
  7. I think the Leigh is a more useful size and then I would use that other $158 to get another bag in a different color.
  8. keep both, even tho they are the same color the styles are soo different!!! And plus, you can't pass a deal up like that, it's the same price as a shoulder bag @ retail!!!!
  9. I agree with the other posters that the shoulder bag and Leigh are different enough to keep both if you would like to. If you have to choose one, I would say the Leigh is a much better size and more functional. I find the shoulder bag to be way too small for every day use, even though it's roomy for its size. But that's JMO, and this is why I don't use the Bridgit more than I do. Also, I even find the Leigh to be a bit on the cramped side compared to the size bag I normally carry. But even if size is not an issue for you, I think the Leigh is a much more elegant looking bag that can be dressed up or down. I also bought one at a factory store a couple of weekends before, and I LOVE it!! I'm now even plotting to get another color in it (it never ends!)....:graucho:
  10. To me I would not want both, even though they were a great deal. I love them both but the shoulder bag is a little on the small side and kind of sits weird under my arm.. the leigh is beautiful and classic and will look great with everything for a long time, so I vote for the Leigh. Good Luck! :tup:
  11. I would keep the whiskey Leigh, and return the shoulder bag for raisin or junper if they have those colors available. Is that an option?
  12. I'm a good person to ask because I've had them both. I had the shoulder bag in black and I just didn't like it because it was kinda small and in black it reminded me of a little biker babe's satchel. Just not my personality so I returned it. Last night I bought the leigh in raisin and I love it's size! It's not too dressy, it looks fabulous with jeans. So do what I did and return the shoulder bag and get a leigh. I voted for the leigh. My leigh only cost $248 at the outlet, wish you could get it for that deal.
  13. I have both a Leigh and shoulder bag (also recent outlet finds, yay!) and they both work for me. And even though I am a more casual dresser, usually in jeans and a t-shirt, I think the Leigh looks great. I would keep both if possible, or go for the Leigh.
  14. Thanks everybody...
    I just double checked my receipt...I did pay $247.00...WOW, talk about excited...that is $50.00 less than I originally thought!!! Thanks oopsididitagain for calling that to my attention...

    I really appreciate all the input! You guys are all really great...

  15. You both got a GREAT deal because all of these were $296 at my outlets a couple of weekends ago, and that's what I paid! There was even one citron that was marked $569.99, and I THINK possibly an add'l 20% off!