Legacy Lipgloss Charm with Pics!!!

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  1. Hi Everyone! I went to my local boutique yesterday to make my PCE purchases and was fully expecting to have to order this but I was pleasantly surprised when my SA went to the back and brought it out! I was able to bring it home with me and am just loving the colors of the gloss. I will post pictures of my other purchases once they come in on Friday but in the meantime, here's the lipgloss charm...enjoy :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Ooh, that's sooooo cute!
  3. Thats super cute, whats the style and cost of that cute thing?
  4. :drool:Must. Have. It.:drool:

    I love those colors!!! Is it a subtle shine or deep in color?? Do you have the item number for it? If I can ask, how much was it? sorry about all the questions but Im in love with it!! Please and thank you!!:P
  5. Very cute!
  6. That is really cute! And the like the colours too.
  7. its' BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the box! i've already been planning to order this friday with my PCE!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: maybe my store will have them also...so thaks for showing me pics...you cemented my decision!!!
  8. the style number is B016 and the price is $58
  9. I'm happy to answer as many questions as I'm able :yes:
    The item number is #B016. The actual price is $58 but it was $43.50 with the PCE discount. I would say that it's definitely a gloss consistency so the color is not too deep or rich. Hope that helps!
  10. How easy is it for the lid to come off in transit? Just don't want a bag covered in gloss after you spend a lot of money on it.
  11. Since I'm bag- banned, this will definately be my PCE purchase! It's adorable!
  12. too cute! :tup:
  13. Oh, that's super cute, I'm so glad I got it!! The lip gloss is colored?? :sad:
  14. ^^^ i doesn't look like its that colored...some lip gloss make look colored but then don't even show on your lips
  15. Thank You so much for posting pics. It is ADORABLE.
    I forgot to order it with my Lily (duh!) so I called this morning and my friendly SA let me add 2 to my order and even honored the PCE for it. Yay!