Legacy Lipgloss charm and little girls

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  1. Grr. My two little ladies are 6 and 4 and of course love all things girlly especially lipgloss. They have been messing with my legacy lipgloss charm which I have in a drawer and it kind of got a little sloppy so I told them hands off unless they asked me. Now it has mysteriously dissappered. Hmmm... No one knows where it could be! Grrrr.... I want my charm back. I coveted that thing and scored it at the outlets for $16 :cry:
  2. Oh no! I just started using mine on my putty tote with the gold turnlock/hardware and it looks awesome. I got mine around the holidays at clearance price too, and havent seen them there since. I was going to get two - I should have! Im afraid Im going to lose mine too. They are on ebay, but alot more $$.
  3. I know that feeling, my 3yr old daughter got a hold of mine...Thank God I got it away from her when I did...I just put it on my large zoe..So we will see..I'll have to watch it like a hawk,lol!!! Sorry ,as you , I only pd.$19.00..Hope you can find it..You will , when your not looking for it....;)
  4. Ugh! I'm thinking "no TV or anything that makes you happy until it's found!!"

    Hopefully you can replace it soon!
  5. Aww, I feel your pain! I have the lozenge tag perfume I got at the outlets for $9.99 and it has since disappeared :0( Hope you find it or get another one!
  6. Some outlets still have them, though it'd be nice not to have to buy it again of course!
  7. i know what you mean about little girls and the "do not touch mommy's stuff!"